Wily1mugshot Yellow Devil
"Bumo! Bumomomomomo! Bumo bumo!"
Boss Health 250
Originally From Mega Man
Available Weapons None (First Phase) WepIconDLN008-ElecWepIconTimeSlow (Second Phase)
Available Items None

In Mega Man, the player encounters Yellow Devil at the end of Wily Stage 1, and was weak against Thunder Beam.

The Yellow Devil returns in Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch as the boss of Chapter 1 in Story Mode. With no Thunder Beam or pause glitch this time, the player must dodge the pieces of this enemy until he reforms, then shoot his rather obvious weak point, his eye, with the Mega Buster. He can shoot at the player, and the blobs can do a good amount of damage against careless players. When he is defeated, Chapter 1 will be completed.

In Version 5, after losing 75% of its HP, a new phase will initiate where the Yellow Devil now chases the player in a small room. In this phase, there are two small health capsules and the weapons Thunder Beam and Time Slow.

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