Here are a list of community created maps that are not included in any official MM8BDM builds.

Map Packs

Map Creator Notes Screenshots
The IX-Pack Ivory & Mr.X IDM01-1
Roboenza Map Pack Yellow Devil Screenshot Doom 20110119 191826-1-
CS_CM Pack Messatsu
D2MM Maps Ashley
TBG CTF Map Pack Jack Corvus
FiniteZero's Mapamajig FiniteZero A pack of maps made by a rather novice map maker.


Dungeon Doom



Individual Maps

Map Creator Notes Screenshots
DoomThroughDoom DoomThroughDoom DTD01 is a map made based off of forum user DoomThroughDoom's avatar. It has many height variations and a Ballade Cracker in the center. DTD01screen
FANMAP01 DoomThroughDoom "I've made a shuddy map. I didn't aim it at detail at all, so expect it to look like arse-hair. I aimed it at gameplay. " FANMAP01-1
Floors Over Floors DoomThroughDoom Floors Over Floors, also nicknamed "R u a wizard" is a seemingly plain map that features floor over floors (non-actor bridges) using portal effects. The Map was made for demonstration purposes and has a few graphical errors.
Waverunner Mayhem KeryoWolfe "Waverunner Mayhem" is a multi-mode map created by Cutstuff Forum Member, KeryoWolfe, inspired by the fast paced action of Waveman's level and also from wondering if the WaveRunners would hit some sweet jumps and get some big air. Screenshot Doom 20101101 170316
Galactic Highway KeryoWolfe KWRACE01-1
Corridor Nexus11 Corridor is a CTF map built by Nexus11. It offers numerous narrow passageways and a large central atrium that meets the opposing sides head-on.

Download the map here.

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Cutman Remix Blaze
Simply Wily Joseph Collins A Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch remake of the classic Doom II fan favorite, MAP07 - Dead Simple. JCDM01 Simply Wily
Divided Forest GameFreakDude DividedForest1
Kackebango's Cavern Kackebango TEST9001-1
Volcanic Mines xColdxFusionx A custom-made Deathmatch map. Fight in three unique rooms! 9GDM01
Corrupted Drain xColdxFusionx A fairly large map with plenty of weapons to go around.
Scrap Metal Refinery xColdxFusionx A small, hectic map with tons of hazards.
Reflection Colony xColdxFusionx A ring-shaped map set in a space station. Don't get lost!
Block Fort xColdxFusionx A classic Mario Kart map, remade for Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch. Screenshot Doom 20101205 125842
KillerChairFortress KillerChair link
Simple Grifball Court xColdxFusionx A map for One-Flag CTF with a few unique twists.
Blasto DonutYoshi Blasto
Enker Duel Stage
Punk Duel Stage
Ballade Duel Stage
Electric Wily Travis