Item/Weapon Name: Testing Dummy

Creator: King Yamato

Modifies: Nothing, needs to be used by cheats.

Last Version: v1

Forum Link:


The Testing Dummy is an actor developed by King Yamato whose main goal is to tell how much damage was done by the time elapsed.

It looks like a recolored Mega Man, and will stand still at all times.

It will report its status every time after it is shot. A message will appear with the current damage and time on the upper left corner.

Dummy Modes

The standart dummy is not solid, nor will it be affected by specific damagetypes, such as Gravity taking him down or Wind making him fly. These behaviors are customizable as there's a series of dummies to use for testing.

Normal Dummy: not solid, no special pain states. Console Command: Summon TestDummy

Solid Dummy: solid, but no special pain states. Console Command: Summon TestDummySolid

Pain State Dummy: not solid, reacts to special pain states. Console Command: Summon TestDummyPain

Solid Pain State Dummy: solid, eracts to special pain states. Console Command: Summon TestDummyPainSolid

Each Testing Dummy will have the same amount of HP(65535) and will die after this quota has been met.

This much HP allows it to endure Quick Beams, and most, if not all, weapons at full clip.

Due to engine limitations, tracking missiles does not work with the dummy.

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