Swordmugshot Sword Man
It's time for a d-d-d-d-d-duel!
Map creator(s) Shade Guy
Map code MM8SWO
Music {{{Tune}}}
Music Code SWOMUS
Map size Medium-Large
Based on Mega Man 8
Available Weapons WepIconThunderClawWepIconDWN048-YamatoWepIconFlashBombWepIconFlameSwordWepIconIceWaveWepIconTornadoHoldWepIconDWN009-Metal
Available Items ItemIcon-PartyBallItemIcon-ETankItemIcon-WTankItemIcon-TangoRoll

Sword Man's Stage' takes place in an ancient jungle ruin that happens to be flooded with boiling lava! Be prepared to run over narrow bridges on hop onto pillars bobbing in the magma to get around! If this perilous platforming is too much, you can always swing around on one of the stage's many Thunder Claw pegs.

As a possible reference to the four trial rooms found in Sword Man's original Mega Man 8 stage, all four of the weapons of the robot masters initially encountered are found in the stage. Besides them, the weaponry here is rather limited, so you'd better know how to effectively utilize a unique arsenal!


The largest room of Sword Man's stage is to the map's east. Here, a tall ledge holds Metal Blade and an E-Tank sits on a pillar accessible only by Thunder Claw. The THunder Claw itself is found in a hallway to the north, right next to an entrance to a ledge with a Party Ball flying over it. This platform can also be reached from an opening near the Metal Blade.

From this general area, you can get over the lava ahead either by a bridge in front of the Thunder Claw ending at the Flash Bomb or by hopping on pillars floating in the lava near the Party Ball, one of which holds Yamato Spear. One of two pillars by the bridge also holds a W-Tank.

Both ways eventually connect to an area with a bridge leading to an island with Tornado Hold and a strange light that teleports players to an area with Flame Sword to the side of the Metal Blade room. From the Tornado Hold, it's simple enough to get back to the main room by crossing a bridge and heading up the hallway to the east, picking up Tango Roll and Ice Wave in the process.


Most of the easily available weapons in Sword Man's stage are awkward to use, and only effective against unaware mobs. The trickier to grab Metal Blade and Yamato Spear are almost always better choices for general use, and to better defend against the rampant Flame Sword users of the map. Be sure to whip this weapon out yourself if there are opponents who insist on trying to hit you with easy to dodge Tornado Holds and Ice Waves.

Screenshot Doom 20130514 195149

The Yashichi in Swordman's stage can be found hiding behind one of the pillars in the open lava area.

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