No game would be complete without stages, and stages...this game has. Every single Robot Master and then some have an arena they can call their own in the tournament.

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Deathmatch Stages

Deathmatch stages are usually straight-up shoot-outs, but some levels have gimmicks which make things interesting for you and your adversaries. You'll find yourself on each and every one of these levels at least once in Story Mode (with the exceptions of Wily's Hideout 2, Skull Castle Core, Skull Castle Depths, Skull Fortress 2, Skull Fortress 3, Skull Fortress 4, and Reclaimed King's Tower. On each one, your AI opponents will include the Robot Master whose stage the map is based on, and you'll be able to find their associated weapon somewhere within it. The weapons tend to have a more convenient usefulness in their own stage, as the stage's layout and gameplay are influenced and adapted to the weapon. For instance, Cut Man's stage is made of very tiny corridors, making Rolling Cutter, Cut Man's weapon, much easier to use, since the targets have a very small zone for dodging.

Stage NameOriginal Game
MM1CutCut ManMega Man 1 & Powered Up
MM1GutsGuts ManMega Man 1 & Powered Up
MM1IceIce ManMega Man 1 & Powered Up
MM1BombBomb ManMega Man 1 & Powered Up
MM1FireFire ManMega Man 1 & Powered Up
MM1ElecElec ManMega Man 1 & Powered Up
MM1TimeTime ManMega Man: Powered Up
MM1OilOil ManMega Man: Powered Up
MM1Wily1Wily's Hideout 1Mega Man 1 & Powered Up
MM1Wily2Wily's Hideout 2Mega Man 1 & Powered Up
MM2MetalMetal ManMega Man 2
MM2AirAir ManMega Man 2
MM2BubbleBubble ManMega Man 2
MM2QuickQuick ManMega Man 2
MM2CrashCrash ManMega Man 2
MM2FlashFlash ManMega Man 2
MM2HeatHeat ManMega Man 2
MM2WoodWood ManMega Man 2
MM2WilySkull Castle EntranceMega Man 2
Template:Wily14Skull Castle CoreMega Man 2
Template:Wily15Skull Castle DepthsMega Man 2
MM3NeedleNeedle ManMega Man 3
MM3MagnetMagnet ManMega Man 3
MM3GeminiGemini ManMega Man 3
MM3HardHard ManMega Man 3
MM3TopTop ManMega Man 3
MM3SnakeSnake ManMega Man 3
MM3SparkSpark ManMega Man 3
MM3ShadowShadow ManMega Man 3
MM3WilySkull Castle InteriorMega Man 3
MM4BrightBright ManMega Man 4
MM4ToadToad ManMega Man 4
MM4DrillDrill ManMega Man 4
MM4PharaohPharaoh ManMega Man 4
MM4RingRing ManMega Man 4
MM4DustDust ManMega Man 4
MM4DiveDive ManMega Man 4
MM4SkullSkull ManMega Man 4
MM4CossackDr. Cossack's CitadelMega Man 4
Template:Wily16Wily WaterworksMega Man 4
MM5GravityGravity ManMega Man 5
MM5WaveWave ManMega Man 5
MM5StoneStone ManMega Man 5
MM5GyroGyro ManMega Man 5
MM5StarStar ManMega Man 5
MM5ChargeCharge ManMega Man 5
MM5NapalmNapalm ManMega Man 5
MM5CrystalCrystal ManMega Man 5
MM5DarkmanDark Man CastleMega Man 5
Template:Wily17Skull LaboratoryMega Man 5
MM6BlizzardBlizzard ManMega Man 6
MM6CentaurCentaur ManMega Man 6
MM6FlameFlame ManMega Man 6
MM6KnightKnight ManMega Man 6
MM6PlantPlant ManMega Man 6
MM6TomahawkTomahawk ManMega Man 6
MM6WindWind ManMega Man 6
MM6YamatoYamato ManMega Man 6
MM6MrXMr. X FortressMega Man 6
Template:Wily18Skull OutpostMega Man 6
Template:StreetRuined StreetMega Man 7
MM7FreezeFreeze ManMega Man 7
MM7JunkJunk ManMega Man 7
MM7BurstBurst ManMega Man 7
MM7SlashSlash ManMega Man 7
MM7CloudCloud ManMega Man 7
MM7SpringSpring ManMega Man 7
MM7ShadeShade ManMega Man 7
MM7TurboTurbo ManMega Man 7
MM7Wily1Skull Fortress 1Mega Man 7
MM7Wily2Skull Fortress 2Mega Man 7
MM7Wily3Skull Fortress 3Mega Man 7
MM7Wily4Skull Fortress 4Mega Man 7
MM8TenguTengu ManMega Man 8
MM8Astro2Astro ManMega Man 8
MM8SwordSword ManMega Man 8
MM8ClownClown ManMega Man 8
MM8SearchSearch ManMega Man 8
MM8FrostFrost ManMega Man 8
MM8GrenadeGrenade ManMega Man 8
MM8AquaAqua ManMega Man 8
MM8DuoDuoMega Man 8
MM8Wily1Skull Tower BaseMega Man 8
MM8Wily2Skull Tower InteriorMega Man 8
MMBMuseumRobot MuseumMega Man & Bass
MMBTenguTengu Man BMega Man & Bass
MMBAstroAstro Man BMega Man & Bass
MMBDynamoDynamo ManMega Man & Bass
MMBColdCold ManMega Man & Bass
MMBGroundGround ManMega Man & Bass
MMBPiratePirate ManMega Man & Bass
MMBBurnerBurner ManMega Man & Bass
MMBMagicMagic ManMega Man & Bass
Template:KingKing's TowerMega Man & Bass
Template:Wily11Reclaimed King's TowerMega Man & Bass
MMWTBusterRodGBuster Rod G.Wily Tower
MMWTMegaWaterSMega Water S.Wily Tower
MMWTHyperStormHHyper Storm H.Wily Tower
Template:Wily12Wily Tower 1Wily Tower
Template:Wily13Wily Tower 2Wily Tower
Template:ConcreteManConcrete ManMega Man 9
Template:TornadoManTornado ManMega Man 9
Template:SplashWomanSplash WomanMega Man 9
Template:PlugManPlug ManMega Man 9
Template:JewelManJewel ManMega Man 9
Template:HornetManHornet ManMega Man 9
Template:MagmaManMagma ManMega Man 9
Template:GalaxyManGalaxy ManMega Man 9
Template:Wily19Wily Castle EntranceMega Man 9
Template:Wily20Wily Castle InteriorMega Man 9
Template:Wily21Wily Castle TowerMega Man 9
Stage NameOriginal Game

Special Stages

On top of the common stages, there exist special stages which serve a specific purpose in the Story Mode.

Stage NameOriginal Game
MM9LightLabDr. Light's LabMega Man 1-10

Capture the Flag

While absent from the Single Player mode, the game comes with a handful (up from a trio in v1a) of Capture the Flag levels, each with their own unique features. While none are based on any specific game level, each have a number of features from a variety of levels.

Stage NameCreated by
NewgroundsNew GroundsCutmanMike
SnakesinspaceSnakes in SpaceCutmanMike
MeltingmetalMelting MetalCutmanMike
IcyfortsIcy FortsCarThief
ClockworkfactoryClockwork FactoryMr. X
UnderwaterBA SexUnderwater Base XCarThief
VictoryisleVictory IsleDoomThroughDoom
EdgeofthedamnEdge of the DamIvory
WoodmanrevengeWood Man's RevengeIvory
AlloutassaultAll out AssaultIvory
Frigi doh ceanFrigid OceanMr. X
Mol ten mountainsMolten MountainMr. X
CliffsideglamourCliffside ClamourShade Guy
Aeration of the armpitsAeration SunMendez
DoublecastleDouble CastleLakister
TurborumbleTurbo RumbleCold Noodles
DeserteddybearcityDeserted CityGalaxy Sisbro
SpacedustSpaced OutYellow Devil
ClashinthestreetClash in the CityMessatsu
SacredshrinesSacred ShrinesBeed28
Template:DuelingcavesDueling CavesCaprice
Template:KorbooshauntKorboo's HauntKorby
Template:WaterworksWater WorksFortegigasgospel
Template:CoterminouscrusadersCoterminous CrusadersLlamahombre
Template:SkyhighskirmishSky High SkirmishDuora Super Gyro