WepIconDWN054-SlashClaw Slash Claw Slashmansprite
Weapon code SlashClawWep
Comes from Mega Man 7
Weapon color scheme Green on yellowish
Fire rate Slow-Medium
Missile speed Slow-Very Slow
Capacity 28 uses
Weapon hotkey/type [4] Close range
Damage 25*5 (Explosive) (Slash)
Appears in
these maps

Slash Claw is a simple but brutal slash that rips robots to scrap in seconds. The range is limited, but the damage dealt changes according to it. Depending on your proximity, you can deal low damage or defeat any enemy instantly. It can be compared to the Flame Sword, an identical weapon in concept, but Slash Claw has a lot more ammo to unleash.


Using Slash Claw

The easiest way to use Slash Claw is running at your enemy and slashing them apart. If you are close enough to them you should take a nice part of their health, so finish them with another slash or a different weapon. Slash Claw can be used for ambushes like Top Spin as well. If you are able to predict your enemy's movement, you can surprise them. A devious use of Slash Claw is tricking your enemy to come toward you by using a ranged weapon, then changing to Slash Claw to finish them.

Vs Slash Claw

If you see someone with Slash Claw, keep your distance and use any ranged weapon. Be wary of ambushes or people jumping from platforms into you with Slash Claw; always check your back on maps where it is readily available.

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