Wily9mugshot Skull Fortress 2
The turtles' domain
Map creator(s) CutmanMike
Map code MM7DW2
Music Rockman 7 FC - Wily Stage 2
Music Code 7DW2MUS
Map size Small-Medium
Based on Mega Man 7
Available Weapons WepIconDWN009-MetalWepIconDWN039-NapalmWepIconDWN022-SnakeWepIconMegaBallWepIconWaterBalloonWepIconDWN053-WildCoilWepIconDWN017-NeedleWepIconDWN055-NoiseCrush
Available Items ItemIcon-RushCoilItemIcon-TangoRollItemIcon-ETankItemIcon-Eddie

Skull Fortress 2 is a map with a very unique motif to it: turtles! Every surface is some shade of green, turtle-like pattern adorn the wall and Spotaro turtle robots crawl around the main room of the stage. Even the stage layout itself references turtles! From a top-down perspective, the halls and main room of the stage itself form the image of a downward-facing turtle!


Skull Fortress 2 consists of a main room making up the "body" and "head" of the turtle and an exterior hallway connecting it to all four "legs." The central area has an elevated center holding Wild Coil and an Eddie Call with wide steps supporting Needle Cannon on either side. Napalm Bomb and an E-Tank are found toward the south between the "eyes" and Search Snake, Tango Roll and the Mega Ball are all near or in the "tail end.

The leg areas, meanwhile, are laterally symmetrical. Metal Blade and a hole that transports players to the other front leg are found in both southern limbs. The other two contain Water Balloon, Rush Coil and Noise Crush, the latter of which is in a pit with stairs.


Controlling the central room of Skull Fortress 2, specifically its higher areas, is key to scoring frags. By sticking around there, you can bomb enemies with Napalm Bomb and Wld Coil and have access to the E-Tank and Eddie Call. Be wary of long--range Search Snake strikes though!

Many weapons in the stage, like the Metal Blade, are more suited to corridor combat however. Weakened foes will often run to the interior hallways for safety, where you can wait to finish them off. Don't underestimate the power of Noise Crush here as a first strike weapon!


The Yashichi is hidden in the ceiling of the room with Rush Coil.


V2 to V3

Mega Ball replaced the Thunder Bolt in the turtle's tail.

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