Wily8mugshot Skull Fortress 1
A trip to the dark side
Map creator(s) CutmanMike
Map code MM7DW1
Music Rockman 7 FC - Wily Stage 1 (Entrance)
Music Code 7DW1MUS
Map size Medium
Based on Mega Man 7
Available Weapons WepIconDWN054-SlashClawWepIconDWN046-TomahawkWepIconScorchWheelWepIconDWN053-WildCoilWepIconDWN017-NeedleWepIconDWN051-DangerWrapWepIconDWN055-NoiseCrushWepIconDWN029-RingWepIconDWN050-JunkShieldWepIconDWN052-ThunderBoltWepIconMegaBallWepIconDWN009-Metal
Available Items ItemIcon-TrebleSentryItemIcon-Item-1ItemIcon-RushCoilItemIcon-WTankWepIconDLN001-SuperAdaptorItemIcon-TangoRoll

Skull Fortress 1 is the first of four maps based off of the Wily Stages of Mega Man 7. Representing the entrance, this map's complex layout has plenty of interlinked rooms alongside a huge drawbridge-like area where the Skull Fortress itself leers overhead, much like in Skull Castle Entrance.

Being a culmination of the Mega Man 7 chapter, most of the weaponry here is from that specific game. In fact, only the Freeze Cracker is missing from that game's weapon set here.


Ignoring some of the central areas, the rooms of Skull Fortress 1 follow a rough loop. Heading clockwise from the entrance to the south containing the Thunder Bolt leads to a square room with the Mega Ball. This then connects to a long L-shaped room with Needle Cannon and a Tango Roll. The Super Adaptor is also located here in a high alcove to the south.

The north exit of this room leads to a staircase with Noise Crush and an entrance to a long walkway over a pit. Treble Sentry and a W-Tank are found on large boxes here, while the Metal Blade and Item-1 are right on the floor. The path then goes through a side room with many pipes and Danger Wrap before connecting to a long room with Scorch Wheel. The east exit here will then take you down a staircase with Noise Crush and Junk Shield.

The center of Skull Fortress 1 still contains yet more rooms though! Heading directly through the main entrance leads to Wild Coil, Silver Tomahawk and an area with Rush Coil and Slash Claw. From here, you can emerge into either the Needle Cannon or Scorch Wheel room. There is also a passage with Ring Boomerang directly between the staircase with Noise Crush and the Scorch Wheel room.


The separate rooms of Skull Fortress 1 lend themselves to mid-range combat. Needle Cannon and Thunder Bolt are hard to dodge in such close quarters and Danger Wrap can easily trap players, but the Ring Boomerang is the easiest of them all to use. You'll probably want to spend most of your time in the L-shaped Needle Cannon room, where a height advantage makes it easy to hit foes with weapons like the Wild Coil and Scorch Wheel. Finally, don't bother with the Super Adaptor. It is more cumbersome than anything in such small rooms.


The Yashichi is hidden inside one of many Dr. Wily logos in the map. Cheats were used to find it, as it cannot be seen normally.


V2 to V3

Mega Ball replaced one Metal Blade pickup. Swapped the positions of Wild Coil and the Super Adaptor.

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