Simple Grifball Court
Map creator(s) xColdxFusionx
Map code CFGRF01
Music {{{Tune}}}
Music Code {{{TuneCode}}}
Map size Small
Based on Grifball (Halo 3)
Available Weapons WepIconDWN029-RingWepIconDWN021-TopWepIconDWN037-Star
Available Items None

Download: Here

This map is a remake of the classic Grifball court from Halo 3.

How To Play Grifball

Grifball is a variant of One Flag CTF where two teams of players (usually 4 players per team) run around a small, open map, trying to capture the bomb- I mean, the flag. Both teams of players usually start off equipped with a sword and a hammer, but this version uses Ring Boomerang and Top Spin due to current Robot Master equipment limitations. Whenever someone grabs the flag, they'll get a Star Crash and some extra shielding, but they'll lose their other weapons.

Oh, and did I mention that anyone standing over the colored panel when the flag is captured dies instantly, including the flag bearer himself?

Have fun!

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