WepIconDWN046-Tomahawk Silver Tomahawk Tomahawkmansprite
Weapon code SilverTomahawkWep
Comes from Mega Man 6
Weapon color scheme Brown-on-beige
Fire rate Slow-Medium
Missile speed Fast-Very Fast
Capacity 14 uses
Weapon hotkey/type [2] Long range
Damage 30 (One tomahawk)
Appears in
these maps

Silver Tomahawk fires a gyrating tomahawk that travels extremely swiftly in an arcing pattern. Its movement is similar to Air Shooter; it dips down at first, then rises up. However, this path is not as steep as Air Shooter's, making Silver Tomahawk more akin to a sniper rifle than to a shot gun.


Using Silver Tomahawk

Silver Tomahawk should be used from a distance, aimed slightly downward for maximum range. It is often impossible to hit enemies on a lower level, but anyone up on a high ledge is vulnerable to this weapon. Try to stay at a mid-range distance from your target, as Silver Tomahawk is one of the fastest Projectiles in the game. It is capable of killing in a mere three hits

VS Silver Tomahawk

Stay at a long range where the weapon is sure to sail right over you and counter with a fast weapon like Metal Blade. Jump around if you get cornered. It is hard to aim the tomahawk up and down accurately, so by adjusting your vertical position it is easy to avoid this weapon.

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