Searchmugshot Search Man
Roger! Mission, start!
Map creator(s) Mr. X
Map code MM8SEA
Music Mega Man 8 - Search Man Stage (8-Bit cover)
Music Code SEAMUS
Map size Medium
Based on Mega Man 8
Available Weapons WepIconDLN008-ElecWepIconDWN010-AirWepIconDWN016-WoodWepIconThunderClawWepIconDLN007-FireWepIconDWN039-NapalmWepIconDWN009-MetalWepIconFlameSwordWepIconHomingSniper
Available Items WepIconSWN001-BassItemIcon-PartyBallItemIcon-ETankItemIcon-TrebleSentry

Search Man's Stage somewhat resembles Napalm Man's Stage in that it is a military based hidden among a dense jungle and surrounding caves. However, the foliage is much thicker here, enough to cause visibility issues. Weapons, players and hidden routes can all be hidden behind walls of bushes, at least on the ground level. Search Man's stage also features an expansive network of walkways elevated above the forest floor. You'll need good platforming skills and help of the Thunder Claw to traverse them though!


The southwest corner of Search Man's Stage is taken up by a large tree. THunder Claw and Bass Buster surround it while an E-Tank sits on a high ledge to the west surrounded by gaps. You'll need the Thunder Claw to get at it! To the north of this area, Air Shooter is found surrounded by upper walkways. To get at them, head up the curved pathway to the northeast with Napalm Bomb. A Treble Sentry is nearby on a tall pillar accessible via Thunder Claw as well.

Once on the upper pathways, you can either head south toward the Bass Buster to grab the Homing Sniper, and Leaf Shield as well as run under a Party Ball on the way there. Going east however leads to the more forested parts of the map. Metal Blade is found right near a walkway extending over some staggered ledges with Fire Storm. This walkway connects to a small plateau with Thunder Claw. From here, you can swing to the Flame Sword, jump across a platform back to the Party Ball or continue following the edge of the map to find Thunder Beam and Metal Blade before arriving back at the Leaf Shield.

Screenshot Doom 20130514 194915

Searchman's Yashichi, hidden behind some jungle growth high up on a ledge.


Search Man's Map, perhaps more than any other, is primed for ambushes. Hide amid the bushes before surprising an opponent with a powerful weapon, preferably the Flame Sword to frag your foe quickly, although the Air Shooter and Homing Sniper can also work well. If these tactics become used against you, try grabbing the Bass Buster and pepper the area in front of you with shots or the Homing Sniper to locate hidden opponents.

Finally, in crowded games when it's difficult to ambush single enemies, just stick to the upper walkways and rain Napalm Bombs on the crowds below. Drive everyone else of your footholds with Metal Blade!

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