WepIconMKN002-Punk Screw Crusher Punksprite
Weapon code ScrewCrusherWep
Comes from Mega Man III
Weapon color scheme Coral on pink
Fire rate Fast-Very Fast
Missile speed Slow-Very Slow
Capacity 112 uses
Weapon hotkey/type [3] Rapid fire
Damage 24 (One screw)
Appears in
these maps

Screw Crusher hurls red saw blades that arc through the air before bouncing a few times off any solid surface. Their bounce height becomes shorter over time before they eventually disappear. It has a very rapid rate of fire and can quickly overwhelm opponents when used correctly. However, despite its high damage output and seemingly endless supply of ammunition, it can be difficult to use effectively.


Using Screw Crusher

Because of the sheer number of projectiles Screw Crusher can toss at foes, it is best used to clear out unsuspecting crowds from a distance. Just toss a wave of screws down a hallway to crush whoever is at the other end. However, because Screw Crusher has a very high arc and does not bounce very far, it is only effective at a certain range. Don't expect it to protect you from a frontal assault. The arc can prove beneficial when attacking targets on higher ledges though, and in areas with low ceilings, the blades will bounce straight to the ground, greatly improving its effectiveness.

Vs. Screw Crusher

Screw Crusher may seem intimidating, but it's very easy to strafe and get under. At close range, the screws will fly right over your head. Just run at your opponent to stay in this safe zone and attack with close range weapons like Slash Claw. Be wary if you're on higher ground or under a low ceiling though; there the blades will fly right in your face!

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