QuintBoss Quint
Boss Health 1000
Originally From Mega Man II
Available Weapons WepIconDWN046-TomahawkWepIconDWN027-DrillTemplate:SolarBlaze
Available Items None

Quint is a character in Mega Man II and Mega Man V for the Gameboy. Quint is Mega Man from the future who was taken by Dr.Wily and modified to destroy Mega Man.

His role is Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch is as a secret boss found in the waterfall beside Dr.Light's lab and can be fought after beating chapter 9.

His fight progresses over different locations through time including a prehistoric area, Solar Man's stage from Mega Man 10 which also includes the Solar Blaze weapon, and the intro stage from Mega Man X.

Upon getting to the last part of the fight Quint will then warp in time back to the beginning of the duel to kill the player and then have the player fight two Quint's in a much more powerful scenario.


  • At the moment, this is the only boss to have a weapon exclusive to it's fight and that can not be regularly obtained with the IDKFA cheat in the console.
  • Quint and Bass as well as Duo are the only bosses in the game that use modified versions of in game Weapons.

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