Punkmugshot Punk
"You think you're so hot trashing all those bots? Why don't you try that with me?!"
Boss Health 250
Originally From Mega Man III
Available Weapons None
Available Items None

Punk is the second in the "Mega Man Killer" series of robots. He uses a blade-like weapon called the Screw Crusher to attack. He can also roll into a ball and cannonball at his targets, which is very powerful. He first appeared in Mega Man III on the Game Boy, then again in Mega Man 10 as a DLC boss.

In Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch

In Story Mode Chapter 4, if the player beats Drill Man's stage in 5 minutes or less, Punk will appear and challenge them. He will jump around and throw Screw Crushers. After a certain number are thrown, he will cannonball at the player. This is difficult to avoid. This time, the only weapon the player has is the Mega Buster. If the player is victorious, his Screw Crusher is theirs for the rest of Chapter 4.

Much like Enker, the player only gets one chance to fight Punk. If they fail, they will continue on with the rest of the chapter without the Screw Crusher.

Outside of Story Mode, Punk is also avaliable as a player skin and a bot.

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