Mettaurs, also known as metalls, mettans, hard hats, or just plain Met are one of the few enemies currently programed into mm8bdm. They do not appear in any normal levels as of yet, but they are summoned by some bosses.

Met types

there are a variety of met's in the game, all of them are based on an actuall met type from the original megaman games, with some changes to suit the 3d enviorment.

Basic Mettaur

also known as lazy metaur, this met will pop up, fir a shot then settle back down.

Dance Mettaur

This Mettaur is supposed to dance, however due to engine difficulties it stands on it's toes and fires 5 shots at a nearby player. After shooting, it will hide in its hat.

Chase Mettaur

This Mettaur will chase players around while shooting.

Jumping Mettaur

Similar to the Chase Mettaur, this met move by jumping. It will hide after each jump. Interestingly, this met will chase after spectators.

Dozer Mettaur

one of the dumber mets. He will just chase players around. No hiding or shooting.

Mettaur Daddy

see Met Daddy

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