Mega Man V
Team Members Creator - VysetheLegend96

CutmanMike - Weapons

Mr. X - Mapping

CopShowGuy - Mapping

Kackebango - Skins

Blaze - Skins

Brotoad - Skins

Zero.exe - Skins

Trift.exe - Skins

The_Broker - Bots

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Based on Mega Man V (Game Boy)
Characters 10
Weapons 9
Stages 9
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Robot Masters

Character Worked on By
Sunstar Trift.exe
Mercury Blaze
Venus Zero.exe
Mars brotoad
Jupiter Zero.exe
Uranus Uranus Kackebango
Neptune Kackebango
Pluto Trift.exe


Stage Worked on By
Wily Space Craft Stage


Salt Water:

Shoots out a blob of water, kinda like Search Snake in the way it shoots out, but when the water hits the ground it splatters and does damage. If it hits before it splatters, it does more damage.

Photon Missile:

Shoots a missile out, it delays before actually going forward. Can set these up as a trap.

Bubble Bomb:

Shoots out bubbles, like Air Shooter. (If it went straight up, it would be pretty useless, continually going up away from enemies) When it touches an enemy or wall, it explodes.

Electric Shock:

Sends a continual short range wave of electricity. The user cannot move while using it, only jump.

Black Hole:

Shoots out, lands, doesn't move, and sucks enemies in. Once it sucks them in, projectiles shoot out and it's done, like galaxy mans weapon

Grab Buster:

Shoots out, and it steals enemies' energy.

Break Dash:

Chargeable, if not charged it just shoots buster shots. If it is charged, the user dashes quickly and damages enemies if they are hit.

Deep Digger:

Like Super Arm, but it makes projectiles when it hits a wall.

Spark Chaser:

Gemini Laser that homes in on enemies.

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