Title screen of the SGC Demo version

The Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch SGC demo is a demo version of the game that was created and shown at ScrewAttack's gaming convention in Dallas, Texas. Originally the demo was to be "leaked" into the LAN room but was later added as an official event thanks to Corey from Screwattack. The version was publicly released for everyone to download and play on the 7th of July.

The demo was presented and set up by MugenMidget, PressStart and Nightwing.

Version Differences

Being a demo release, this version was extremely watered down from the main game. Several changes were made to the final version of the game due to feedback received from this version.

  • The demo contained only 4 maps. Cut Man (DM), Metal Man (DM), Needle Man (DM) and Skull Castle Interior (DM). Some of the weapon layouts and overall layouts were changed in the final version of the game.
  • The demo contained only 4 extra skins besides Mega Man. These were Proto Man, Bass, Roll and Sniper Joe.
  • The Single Player campaign didn't include Dr. Light's lab and ended with a splash screen showing off extra screenshots, before looping back to Cut Man's stage.
  • The credits sequence was much different from the final one, and included an original track.
  • The Bass skin was completely changed in the final version to look more like his Mega Man 10 sprite.
  • The demo contained a limited amount of weapons.
  • The demo contained no inventory items at all.
  • Some weapons were slightly altered in the final version. Needle Cannon no longer stuns people, Rain Flush was fixed to cross sectors, the Ring Boomerang ammo bug was fixed, Metal Blade's fire rate was increased, Magnet Missile's homing ability was improved, Dust Crusher now spews shrapnel instantly and Napalm Bomb's fire rate was reduced.
  • The launcher for the demo version was extremely limited, but included an option to change to OpenGL from the start.


The game was well received at the event. Many people entered the LAN Room hoping to check the demo out. Most issues pointed out were to do with Skulltag itself, such as the default controls being awkward (a problem that still persists in the latest version of MM8BDM). A reactions video was created by g1 Mark the Intern from ScrewAttack.