Screenshot of the MM8BDM Alpha version

The Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch Alpha version was released on the November 10th 2009. It was at a very early stage of development and was only released for proof of concept. At this point CutmanMike had no intention of turning it into a full fledged project. Even in it's primitive state it gained a lot of attention from gaming blog sites, which helped the project get the staff it desperately needed go get off the ground.

Version Differences

This version of MM8BDM is the earliest version of game available to the public. Because of that, it is drastically different from the final product.

  • The biggest change to MM8BDM is that it no longer requires Doom 2, while the alpha version does.
  • The physics of the game were actually MORE like Mega Man than the final version! Players moved slower, had damage recoil and received temporary invincibility upon getting hit. These were changed to make the game more fast paced.
  • Only two maps were available in the alpha, but they were completely redone from scratch in the final version. Cut Man (DM) and Guts Man (DM) both received radical changes in layouts.
  • There were no skins available in the alpha version, you could only play as Mega Man.
  • Most of the weapons were changed for the final version. In the alpha version Shadow Blade didn't return correctly, Leaf Shield gave you an armor boost rather than reflecting projectiles and all the weapons had an ammo count closer to those in the Mega Man games.



Screenshot of the MM8BDM Alpha version

Even though it only had barely anything going for it, it was picked up by many popular blog sites and the concept appeared to be something Mega Man fans were interested in seeing. Most people couldn't play it because it required Doom 2, but the two screenshots alone was enough to get a community started for MM8BDM.