Korby's avatar as of 6/8/2011

Korby is a developer of Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch and a Global Moderator of Cutstuff, however it has been widely known and accepted that he is the most helpful contributor to Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch.

He first joined Cutstuff in the early stages of MM8BDM, with the very first thing he posted being a sheet of Cloud Man. Later on, he created Gyro Man for the game and he's gone on from there. He is the one and only holder of the Cutstuff Plumber medal, meaning he found the leak of the SGC Demo and spread it to Cutstuff, meaning he's the only user who can get all of the medals.

He's also an important donator of the Megaman and Bass expansion, which picked up speed after a long hiatus during June of 2011. In terms of skill level of playing the game, he thinks of himself as a pretty bad player, though others think he's great at the game.

Things made by Korby:

Skins -

Gyro Man (Official)

Christmas Tree Wood Man (Cutstuff Supported!)

Sink Man (Custom)

Ball Man (Custom)

Marioskull (For Jitterskull)

Gastly (For Sjas)

Galleon (Custom)

Other -

Kirby Super Star Ultra Music Pack

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