Logo of King Yamato's Classes

Project Name: King Yamato's Classes Mode

Author: King Yamato (And his team)

Modificates: The game's playable classes and game modes

How to use: Load the file with Mega Man 8-Bit DeathMatch

Latest Version: NES Version 2

Forum Link:


King Yamato's Classes Mode was created in response to Yellow Devil's Class Based Modification, both are similar as they modify Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch to include playable versions of the Robot Masters, but they differ on how the Robot Masters act.

Classes Development

The main idea to the project is to make mostly canonical additions to the classes themselves, just so they are, in a way, almost equal to their official Mega Man forms, except on a 3D standpoint.

However, game balance is also very important, meaning exceptions have to be made, such a case is Brightman. His bulbs are not canonical, but needed to keep him unique among every class.


King Yamato's Classes Mode has a dark history not many people know.

Originally created after Yellow Devil had removed King Yamato from his own project, King Yamato worked on his own mode without much attention. The mode was ready to launch before Yellow Devil's Class Based Modification had released Mega Man 4 Classes, however, the launch was held off since King Yamato received threatening messages about banning him should his classes be released.

The mode was then unofficially avaiable through Wadhost by the name of "Classes-V5Y".

As such, the mode appeared on some servers and gained a popularity, this warranted a thread on the forums which officially released the mode to the public.


Any complaints or suggestions for this mode, send a private message to King Yamato himself, your opinions are very appreciated.

King Yamato's profile page (On Cutstuff):

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