KingMugshot King
"Now, kneel before your king... or be destroyed!"
Boss Health 1000/1000
Originally From Mega Man & Bass
Available Weapons WepIconDWN011-BubbleWepIconDWN052-ThunderBoltWepIconCopyVision
Available Items None

You appear in the dark passageway. In front of you is the door, damaged Mega Man and Bass lying nearby. After opening the door, you come through. There is a lone, heavily armored robot who is currently looking at the outside world through the window, musing about how robots are undermined and destroyed. And then he turns towards you...

Remember King from Mega Man & Bass? Well, he's back, once again leading a revolution! This time Protoman will not appear to break his shield, so get ready for a grueling fight! Using the protection this shield grants him, he will keep jumping towards you. Not only that, he will sometimes use the powerful laser cannon embedded into his chest, which can pierce almost anything. And responding back is dangerous - your attacks will be reflected back at you as lasers if you're not quick enough.

But even if you'll manage to break his shield, don't be too happy - King can fight without it! Using his speed and axe-wielding skills, he will show you why he is the ruler!


For starters, grab Copy Vision - it's the most useful weapon in this phase. King isn't very mobile in his first phase, so you should have plenty of time. After that, set a Copy Vision and go around King so the copy would pelt his back. Don't forget to keep your distance. His jumps are very easily avoidable - in fact, chest lasers are the only dangerous thing in this whole phase. The second he sets his shield aside, start pelting him with Thunder Bolt or Mega Buster. You can set a copy to deal additional damage as well. Chest lasers can be avoided by strafing, but keep sure you have enough space to dodge. Second phase is trickier. Sometimes he will rush at you, his axe spinning in front of him, sometimes he will try to quickly jump at you and sometimes he will fire a Gemini Laser-like beam. Don't let him to come close - or his next move will be a powerful axe strike. Rushes can be avoided with strafing, and laser isn't a big problem. He is weak to Mega Buster in this phase.

The Aftermath

After his defeat, King accepts it and attempts to end the revolution. However, Genesis Unit arrives (breaking a window in the process) and interrupts the whole thing, After paralyzing the tournament robot (somehow), this unit reveals the revolution is convenient to Wily and so he will force it to continue. After that, the unit tosses King out of the broken window and escapes. Shortly after, Dr. Light and his helpers rescue Mega Man, Bass and the tournament robot. Since Mega Man and Bass were too heavily damaged, Light replaces them with Light Numbers (such as Cut Man) and sends the whole company to stop Wily.

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