Justified Classes is an alternative Classes mod derived from King Yamato's Classes mod. The goal of the mod is to create an alternate form of classes that remains as true to the games as possible, refraining from making up attacks entirely and attempting to emulate boss behaviors in a competitive FPS setting. The mod also seeks to include every major character and Robot Master, and balance them so that every character is viable in any game mode (Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Capture the Flag, etc.) without any character dominating over the others.

Weaknesses are also featured, with each Robot Master class being weak tothe specific weapon they were weak to in the game in which they debuted. To further the faithfulness to the source material, special bot behavior patterns are included that cause CPU-controlled bots to emulate the boss AI of any Robot Master class when they engage an enemy in combat (for example, upon spotting an enemy, Needle Man will begin jumping and firing in the air, stopping to attack with Needle Screwdriver after a certain amount of jumps). Weapon pickups are eliminated in this mode, with the exception of the unique Mega Arm weapon. Instead, in order for the "Copywep" classes to gain weapons, they must land a killing blow on a Robot Master class, which will earn them the special weapon of the Robot Master they defeated. Each map's weapon pickup is replaced with large weapon energy capsules.

One of the mod's more unique aspects is its take on Terminator mode. In this mode, the normal Terminator item is replaced with Dark Energy from Mega Man 8. Collecting it will transform the player into a random selection of a special Terminator class, usually a particularly powerful boss character from the Mega Man series. The single player Bot Rush from King Yamato's Classes is also present, and expanded to accommodate the newer classes. Additional unique features for other modes are also being developed/considered.


Main Characters

Mega Man

Main: Mega Buster (chargeable) 

Alt: Slide

The Blue Bomber himself, and the primary starting class, Mega Man is a good first choice for any player. With balanced stats, high mobility with his slide, good damage output with his charged buster shots (which can destroy most classes in 3 hits), and access to the power found in some of the better copy weapons, Mega Man has the tools to excel in any situation. A Mega Man player's first priority should be finding weapons. In more populated rooms, kill-stealing is a must. Picking off wounded enemies can net you easy access to the weapons you need. Mega Man also has access to the most items in the game, including all the Rush adapters (he's the only one that can use Jet and Power adapters). The sheer number of options he has is mitigated by the fact that he excels in nothing, and can find himself struggling in one-on-one fights against powerful classes.

Proto Man

Main: Proto Buster (chargeable)

Alt: Slide

Lacking the myriad of options Mega Man has, Proto Man instead opts for the glass cannon approach. His charged buster is both fast, and incredibly powerful, making it much easier to destroy classes and gain their powers in one-on-one confrontations. He's also one of a select few classes that can access a transformation if they acquire the Super Adapter. In Proto Man's case, he can transform into Break Man, his Mega Man 3 persona. In this form, Proto Man gains enhanced armor, and an incredibly damaging buster. Doing this has its drawbacks, however. He cannot charge his Break Buster, he cannot slide, and he cannot pick up health in this form. Once you make the change, you have to commit to it, so use it wisely.


Main: Bass Buster

Alt: Dash

Special Abilites: Double Jump

Bass is the trickiest of the Copywep classes, but players that can manage his drawbacks are rewarded with Bass' unique abilities coupled with the Copywep powers at his disposal. Not only can Bass double jump, and cover a good amount of ground with his dash, but using the Super Adapter item he can activate Treble Boost, fusing with his wolf Treble to gain both free flight, and a powerful spread blast, for a limited time. Bass' biggest drawback, however, is that he cannot move while firing his Bass Buster. The buster itself, however, fires a direct, powerful spray of shots that, if aimed well and used properly, will quickly whittle away an opponent's health. Unlike Proto and Mega Man, however, his default weapon is, overall, a liability. You'll want to seek out a kill to steal as soon as you can and find weapons to fall back on. If the stage you're playing in has a Super Adapter, go for it. Bass can reach it better than most with his mobility. Use it wisely, and its power can help you get some much needed weaponry from your fallen foes.


Main: Roll Swing

Alt: Beat

Roll is a very simple and direct class, but requires a bit of skill to use effectively. Her mainfire is a melee attack. Roll will swing her broom at her foes, which can pile on damage quickly if you can stay on your enemies' heels. Her alt acts as her ranged attack, sending Beat to peck at her foes. If Beat manages to hit, he can pluck a small health capsule (and, randomly, a large one) from the enemy Roll can collect to help keep herself (or her teammates) alive, mitigating her otherwise low health.


Main: Duo Fist (chargeable)

Alt: Comet Attack

Duo is pure power incarnate. His health and mobility are nothing to write home about (the latter leaving something to be desired), but in terms of raw damage there are few that compare. His mainfire shoots a large projectile that moves at moderate speed and does moderate damage. When fully charged, Duo launches himself forward, and slams the ground with his fist, creating a small explosion. Anything in his path, or anything touching the explosion, is dealt massive damage. His alt turns him into a comet which bounces up and down, while rocketing forward. In his comet form, Duo can be steered, so managing to control Duo amidst the crazy speed and wild bouncing can result in massive damage, even to large crowds.

Mega Man 1

Cut Man

Main: Rolling Cutter

Alt: Large Rolling Cutter

Acquired Weapon: Rolling Cutter

Weakness: Super Arm

One of the trickiest, but powerful classes in Justified Classes. Cut Man's Rolling Cutter alone can deal considerable damage if aimed well, but cannot be fired again until the cutter returns to you. Over time, as long as Rolling Cutter is not being used, Cut Man will gain weapon energy. When the energy is full, Cut Man can unleash a much larger Rolling Cutter. Not only does this variation do even more damage than the original, but can travel along the ground indefinitely, until reaching a wall or boundary. When climbing walls or flying in the air, this attack will return to Cut Man after a brief period of time.

Guts Man

Main: Super Arm

Alt: Earthquake Stomp

Acquired Weapon: Super Arm

Weakness: Hyper Bomb, Time Slow

The seminal powerhouse of the series, Guts Man is a brutal tank of a class sporting high attack and defense at the cost of slow running speed. His main method of attack is Super Arm, wherein Guts Man throws a boulder in an arc which can deal enormous damage if aimed properly. When the boulder collides with an enemy or surface, it will split apart into smaller rocks which continue to fly forward, dealing smaller damage to anyone they hit. Hitting an opponent with both the boulder, and smaller rocks, is key to dealing out the devastating power Guts Man possesses. However, to use Super Arm, Guts Man must first pick up a boulder, which will slow his already slow movement to a crawl while he holds it. His alt causes him to jump in the air, stunning anyone around him standing on the ground with a powerful earthquake. Use this to make foes easier to nail with Super Arm.

Ice Man

Main: Ice Slasher

Alt: Icicle Drop

Acquired Weapon: Ice Slasher

Weakness: Thunder Beam, Hyper Bomb

Ice Man is a straightforward offensive class with a twist. His Ice Slasher deals solid ripping damage, and he can fire it more rapidly the lower his health becomes. His alt causes an icicle to drop wherever your crosshairs are pointing. This attack has two sues; it can deal solid damage if you drop it directly on an opponent's head, it can be used as a platform to climb to higher areas, and can be used as a wall to block attacks. Unlocking the full potential of his alt is key to realizing Ice Man's full ability.

Bomb Man

Main: Hyper Bomb

Alt: Giant Hyper Bomb

Acquired Weapon: Hyper Bomb

Weakness: Fire Storm, Rolling Cutter

The definitive explosive class, Bomb Man offers tremendous power to those who can wield his bombs properly. His main attack acts like Super Arm (fire one to pick up a bomb, again to toss it). On contact, the Hyper Bomb will set off an explosion doing more damage the closer to the center the opponent is (with direct hits netting you the most damage). His alt summons a giant bomb which slows Bomb Man down significantly while he holds it. Releasing the bomb drops it much like the Copywep variant of his main weapon. This giant bomb will go off after a few seconds, unleashing a tremendous explosion that deals significant damage.

Fire Man

Main: Fire Storm

Alt: Fire Wave

Acquired Weapon: Fire Storm

Weakness: Ice Slasher

Fire Man brings to the table a devastating offense that requires some finesse to make the most of. His mainfire acts as a two-part attack, spawning a wall of fire in front of him that fires forward after a brief pause. During this pause, the Fire Storm acts as a melee attack, before being unleashed as a ripping projectile. If it grazes the ground, the Fire Storm will leave little lingering flames that do extra damage. Due to its large hitbox, however, it requires some careful aiming to get these ground flames without causing Fire Storm to touch the floor and dissipate. His alt unleashes a wave of very powerful flames that slowly crawl along the ground. Due to its slow speed and relatively small size, it can be difficult to trap players with this, but the incredible damage (which can lead to a one-hit KO if done properly) is worth it.

Elec Man

Main: Thunder Beam

Alt: Pinpoint Thunder

Acquired Weapon: Thunder Beam

Weakness: Rolling Cutter, Oil Slider

With great power and speed, but fragile health, Elec Man packs a devastating punch while he can survive. His main attack lacks the two side shots of the copywep variant, but deals solid ripping damage. His alt summons a powerful bolt of lightning to strike at the ground where you're pointing. The aiming must be precise, but if you can hit with it Elec Man's alt packs an incredible punch. Elec Man requires you to be both fast and precise at the same time, but pulling it off rewards you with Elec Man's impressive damage output.

Time Man

Main: Fast Time Arrows

Alt: Slow Time Arrows

Item: Time Slow

Acquired Weapon: Time Slow

Weakness: Thunder Beam

Time Man is a tricky class that can be quite rewarding if you can master his unique playstyle. His main and alt are the same projectile fired at different speeds. The Time Arrows themselves are ripping attacks, so the slow ones will linger on opponents longer, thus dealing more damage. The fast ones, however, are much easier to hit with. Time Man can also seamlessly alternate between the two, allowing you to surprise opponents by switching from firing one speed of arrow to another. His Time Slow ability will slow down anyone close to him, making them easy targets, specifically for his slow arrows.

Oil Man

Main: Oil

Alt: Oil Slider

Acquired Weapon: Oil Slider

Weakness: Fire Storm

Straightforward, but not simple, Oil Man excels in controlling the battlefield. His mainfire squirts oil which can be used as a projectile, or to leave damaging oil slicks. His alt puts him on the Oil Slider, which causes him to slide around at high speeds, dealing significant contact damage. Hampering the enemy's movement with oil while giving them the runaround with Oil Slider is key to maximizing Oil Man's effectiveness. His Oil projectile will also allow you to handle classes which would otherwise be foolish to attack with his reckless, melee-centric alt.

Mega Man 2

Metal Man

Main: Metal Blade

Alt: Metal Gear

Acquired Weapon: Metal Blade

Weakness: Metal Blade, Quick Boomerang

One of the easiest classes for beginners to pick up, and offering a little something extra for advanced players, Metal Man is one of the more solid glass cannon characters. His mainfire launches three Metal Blades in rapid succession, giving him the devastating power he's known for. His alt launches a Pierobot gear that digs through the ground, travelling farther the longer you hold down altfire. After releasing altfire, the gear will do a 180 and head back in the direction it was fired. While Metal Blade acts as a very straightforward attack, the Metal Gear can be used to catch opponents off guard, making Metal Man a dangerous opponent in the right hands.

Air Man

Main: Air Shooter

Alt: Air Wall

Acquired Weapon: Air Shooter

Weakness: Leaf Shield

Air Man boasts attacks that are as powerful as they are versatile. His mainfire shoots a cluster of three small tornadoes straight ahead (as opposed to the upward arc of the copywep version), and simultaneously pushes enemies away. Not only does this deal solid damage, but can even be used to push opponents over ledges! His alt releases a field of tornadoes at first use, then sends the tornadoes flying in the direction you're facing with the second press of altfire. The Air Wall has a myriad of uses. If fired in an opponent's face, they receive the full force of all the tornadoes and get hit with incredible damage. The Air Wall can also be placed and left alone as a trap, or to make movement difficult for opponents. Firing it forward works best in crowds due to the wide spacing of the tornadoes.

Bubble Man

Main: Bubble Buster

Alt: Bubble Lead

Acquired Weapon: Bubble Lead

Special Ability: Double Jump (underwater only)

Weakness: Metal Blade

In the Mega Man universe, Bubble Man has always strived to prove himself. Now he gets his chance. His Bubble Buster is a fast projectile that, while weak, can pile on damage quickly. His unique bouncing Bubble Lead variant deals heavy damage, fires rapidly, and has infinite ammo. This is all mitigated, however, by the fact that it can bounce over opponents' heads, and dissipates immediately if it hits a wall. Underwater his mobility increases with an added double jump to the already low-gravity environment underwater.

Quick Man

Main: Homing Boomerang

Alt: Quick Boost

Acquired Weapon: Quick Boomerang

Weakness: Time Stopper, Crash Bomb

Pure speed incarnate. Quick Man's movement speed is second to none, mitigating his rock-bottom health ranking by making him a hard target to hit. While he's light as a feather, Quick Man hardly hits like one. His mainfire shoots 3 boomerangs in a spread, which home in on a nearby target after a brief moment, if the target is between Quick Man and the paused Boomerangs. Otherwise, the boomerangs will return to Quick Man. While not as fast as the Copywep version, Quick Man's version of the boomerang can do hefty damage if fired point blank at an opponent, and can lock down enemies at close range already having enough trouble tracking Quick man with his fast speed. His alt is a high-speed tackle in a straight line which does a high amount of damage. The Quick Boost is Quick Man's strongest attack by far, but can be dangerous to use, or tricky to get the full effect of the attack on the opponent.

Crash Man

Main: Crash Bomb

Acquired Weapon: Crash Bomb

Weakness: Air Shooter

Straightforward, but requiring a good deal of strategy, Crash Man rewards smart players with the devastating potential of his Crash Bombs. Unlike the copywep version, his Crash Bombs do not explode on contact, but instead do ripping damage. After clamping to a surface, the bombs will explode either on contact with an enemy, or after a certain amount of time. With his high jump height, firing Crash Bombs from above can maximize their effectiveness. Hitting an opponent from directly above can combine the ripping damage with the explosive damage for a powerful one-two punch.

Flash Man

Main: Flash Buster

Alt: Time Stopper

Acquired Weapon: Time Stopper

Special Ability: Stopper Immunity

Weakness: Crash Bomb, Metal Blade

Another straightforward but powerful class, Flash Man revolves around one simple strategy to get his kills. Despite its simplicity, it's one of the most terrifying to classes players; freeze opponents with Time Stopper, barrage them with the Flash Buster. The buster, upon one press of mainfire, launches a rapid spray of buster shots that can shred an opponent's lifebar, particularly up close. Flash Man's alt functions much differently than the vanilla version, holding opponents in Flash Man's field of vision in place until they're hit, and released from the effects. If caught by Time Stopper, the opponent is totally helpless to whatever Flash Man (or his teammates) have in store for them. It's best to get behind players after freezing them before barraging them with mainfire, disorienting anyone in a one on one confrontation and making it harder for the victim to retaliate. Flash Man is also one of the game's best support classes in team modes, and is best paired with hard-hitting classes like Uranus or Punk who can instantly frag classes that are frozen by Time Stopper.

Heat Man

Main: Fire Pillars

Alt: Heat Shield/Tackle

Acquired Weapon: Atomic Fire

Weakness: Bubble Lead

Heat Man's damage potential is great, but his methods of attack are anything but straightforward. His mainfire tosses three fireballs at different distances which form pillars of flame once they hit the ground. Should the fireballs hit an enemy, they will immediately drop to the ground and spawn the pillars. His alt is a two-part attack; hold altfire to charge the heat tackle while enveloping yourself in the highly damaging Heat Shield. Upon releasing altfire, Heat Man unleashes the powerful, high-speed Heat Tackle. The longer you hold the shield out for, the farther Heat Man travels during the tackle. While the shield can completely wreck opponents, damage-wise, its relatively small radius combined with the fact that Heat Man cannot move while it's up makes it impractical to focus on. Get Shield damage when you can, but the Tackle should be what you're using his alt for. It's great for chasing runaway opponents, and blazing into crowds to inflict damage on several opponents at once.

Wood Man

Main: Leaf Shield

Alt: Leaf Rain

Acquired Weapon: Leaf Shield

Weakness: Atomic Fire, Metal Blade, Air Shooter

Known for his impenetrable defense, Wood Man's offensive power is not to be trifled with. Unlike the copywep version, which only does one hit, a fired Leaf Shield from Wood Man is a powerful ripping attack. While the shield surrounds him, Wood Man is totally invincible, reflecting attacks harmlessly from the Leaf Shield. Don't try to hide behind it, though; it doesn't last long. While the Leaf Shield surrounds him, a secondary ammo bar will fill up. When it's completely full, Wood Man can use his altfire, which summons a rain of leaves that can make the entire surrounding area a danger to enemies, and even take out crowds of people.

Mega Man 3

Needle Man

Main: Needle Cannon

Alt: Needle Screwdriver

Acquired Weapon: Needle Cannon

Weakness: Gemini Laser

Needle Man specializes in a powerful, balanced offense. His mainfire shoots needles in rapid bursts of two (as opposed to the constant barrage of the copywep version), while his alt is a very powerful short-range ripper that's especially powerful if you hit an enemy right at the point where Needle Man's head spikes pause. The drawback to this attack being that Needle Man is completely helpless during the attack; he can't move, or even turn around. If you miss with this, you're incredibly vulnerable. Both of Needle Man's attacks are very strong, and simple to understand, making him an excellent class for beginners.

Magnet Man

Main: Magnet Missile

Alt: Magnet Pull

Acquired Weapon: Magnet Missile

Weakness: Spark Shock, Shadow Blade

Without a doubt the most aggressive of the homing weapon classes. Magnet Man's main method of attack is using his Magnet Missiles; one of the most damaging homing missile attacks, balanced by the fact it has the weakest homing of them all. It's best to aim either directly at the enemy, or slightly past a strafing enemy (so the missiles can turn their direction and cut them off). Unlike other homing missile classes, though, Magnet Man isn't about running away and sniping from afar. Should an opponent decide to close in and put an end to Magnet Man's sniping, Magnet Man has his Magnet Pull, a powerful melee attack that pulls enemies in, landing a clean, solid hit on contact that can damage most classes for 1/4 of their entire health bar. If an enemy is properly softened up by Magnet Missiles, this will often be the killing blow. Adding to that, the pull of this attack is quite strong, forcing enemies to fight it if they want to avoid taking big damage. Relentless aggression is the key to Magnet Man. His Magnet Missiles fire in rapid barrages of three (much like Metal Man's mainfire), making his attacks harder to avoid than most homing attacks if spaced and aimed properly. Combined with his Magnet Pull, a properly aggressive Magnet Man can waste a hapless opponent in seconds.

Gemini Man

Main: Gemini Laser/Buster

Item: Summon/Recall Clone

Acquired Weapon: Gemini Laser

Weakness: Search Snake

Confusion and clever tactics are Gemini Man's bread and butter. His Gemini Laser travels the same speed and ricochets the same as the copywep version, but does ripping damage rather than one hit, making it overall more powerful. Along with that, Gemini Man can summon a clone that shadows his movements and cannot be damaged. Doing so replaces the Gemini Laser with the Gemini Buster as his mainfire, which is fired by Gemini Man and his clone simultaneously. Because the clone shadows every move Gemini Man makes, confusing movement patterns are key to using the clone to its fullest potential by making yourself difficult for opponents to hit. While the Buster is weaker than the Laser, it travels much faster, and you get the combined damage of both your shot, and your clone's shot. Properly managing both weapons, and switching between clone and no clone, is key to playing Gemini Man effectively. The laser is your strongest tool damage-wise, but the use of the clone offers a strategic advantage. Know your opponent, know your terrain, and switch between weapons accordingly.

Hard Man

Main: Hard Knuckle

Alt: Hard Earthquake

Acquired Weapon: Hard Knuckle

Weakness: Magnet Missile

Hard Man is a defensive tank. His offensive tools are strong, but nowhere near other superheavyweight characters. While he lacks the killing power of Guts Man, or the offensive dominance of Frost Man, he boasts an unbelievable amount of health, and a possible (but difficult to pull off) OHKO. His Hard Knuckles are nowhere near as powerful as the copywep variant, but they do boomerang back to him, causing additional damage on the way back. His alt causes him to fly into the air and slam head-first on the ground, causing a large area-of-effect attack that only effects enemies on the ground, but has a large amount of hitstun. If Hard Man manages to fall directly on top of someone during this attack, the damage he deals is enormous. Hard Man is a damage sponge with great damage potential if played smart. In the right hands he can be a scary thing.

Top Man

Main: Top Spin

Alt: Spinning Tops

Acquired Weapon: Top Spin

Weakness: Hard Knuckle

The very definition of "high risk, high reward". Top Man's main method of attack is to spin recklessly at opponents, dealing immense damage if aimed properly (a dead-on accurate Top Spin often results in a OHKO). However, the attack involves Top Man launching forward far and fast, and the spinning can be very disorienting. If you're not careful with this attack, you may end up killing yourself, or making yourself an easy target. His alt fires 3 moderately damaging spinning tops in a unique pattern. Up close he can hit with all 3 at once, while from far away they'll end up separating, making it so only one top is going to hit anyone. Indeed, your main goal with Top Man is to land successful Top Spins, land them well, and rack up the frags. Just don't get yourself killed doing so...

Snake Man

Main: Search Snake Toss

Alt: Climbing/Close Combat

Acquired Weapon: Search Snake

Weakness: Needle Cannon

Snake Man is all about ammo management and terrain control. His Search Snakes are much stronger than the copywep variant, and he tosses them quite far. A smart Snake Man player can frag opponents with a small army of robot snakes across any terrain. Even from another room! His playstyle is simple and straightforward, but the wall climbing aspect of his Search Snakes, combined with the damage his particular variation does, opens the door to quite a bit of strategy. Be careful not to spam, however, as his mainfire eats up ammo rather quickly.

Spark Man

Main: Spark Shock (chargeable)

Acquired Weapon: Spark Shock

Weakness: Shadow Blade, Spark Shock

Spark Man is an offensive rushdown character whose effectiveness increases exponentially in close quarters. Uncharged, his mainfire shoots Spark Shocks in 8 directions all around him, stunning opponents for a good while should they get it. When fully charged, Spark Man unleashes a devastating Giant Spark Shock, which does a great deal of ripping damage coupled with a large hitbox. This attack can decimate crowds, and allows Spark Man to completely dominate narrow areas. With a tap of mainfire, he can hold you down, and by holding mainfire, he can beat you savagely. Beware a Spark Man running toward you, and do your best to avoid the small sparks, or else a big one is going to be coming your way.

Shadow Man

Main 1: Shadow Blade (vertical)

Main 2: Shadow Blade (horizontal)

Alt: Slide Kick

Acquired Weapon: Shadow Blade

Weakness: Top Spin

A speedy rushdown assault is what you can expect from Shadow Man. His mainfire launches two simultaneous large Shadow Blades; one straight ahead and one at an upward angle. Alternatively, he can toss two Shadow Blades diagonally to either side, making it ideal for pinning down strafing opponents. Shadow Man can score increased damage by hitting opponents with both blades at the same time. His alt is a sliding kick attack that lasts as long as you hold down altfire, at which point he ends with a high jump. The kick does continuous contact ripping damage, but its radius is relatively small, requiring you to be precise with your kicks. Holding down altfire longer can increase the amount of damage (a full slide kick travelling the maximum distance can deal tremendous damage), but since Shadow Man can only move straight it leaves you quite vulnerable if you go for it. If things look rough while you're sliding, cut your loses and let go of altfire, using the high jump that follows to avoid danger.

Doc Robot

Main: Doc Robot Bot Buster Mainfire (Metal Blade/Homing Quick Boomerang/Crash Bomb/Heat Man Flame Pillars)

Alt: Doc Robot Bot Buster Altfire (Bubble Lead/Leaf Rain/Air Wall/Time Stopper)

Item 1: Cycle mainfires

Item 2: Cycle altfires

Doc Robot is the most unique class in the game. Using his two items, he can select between a mainfire and altfire from each of the Mega Man 2 Robot Masters. However, each one will be a little weaker in damage, or other properties, than the original (Time Stopper only lasting a very brief period of time; Leaf Rain having a smaller area of effect; Air Wall immediately firing forward; etc.). There are a myriad of combinations you can use, however, opening the possibility for a wide variety of strategies. You can Time Stop opponents, then blast them with Metal Blades; you can hunt enemies with Homing Boomerangs while keeping them away from you with Leaf Rain. There's a ton of possibilities, find the one that best suits your playstyle!

The Genesis Unit

Buster Rod G

Main 1: Extending Rod

Main 2: Buster

Alt: Rod Spin

Item: Illusions

Weakness: Hyper Bomb, Atomic Fire, Hard Knuckle

Possessing the most offensive tools of the Genesis Unit, Buster Rod G is a versatile class that can hold his own in any situation and environment. Using the mouse wheel, Buster Rod is able to cycle between two mainfire weapons; his rod which has a limited range and low rate of fire, but good damage per hit; or his buster, which fires rapidly with unlimited range, but each individual buster shot does low amounts of damage. His alt spins his rod, which can completely deflect projectiles! When his secondary energy meter has finally filled all the way, Buster Rod can unleash 4 highly damaging illusions, before imitating their leap himself.

Mega Water S

Main: Harpoon

Alt: Water

Item: Water Shield

Weakness: Hyper Bomb, Ice Slasher

At first glance, Mega Water seems rather weak. His mainfire doesn't do much damage, and his alt only pushes opponents with a spray of water. That is, until he puts up his Water Shield. While the shield is active, Mega Water's defense increases, and the properties of both his attacks change. His harpoons become ripping attacks with a higher damage output, while his water gun fires high-pressure blasts of damaging water. Keeping your shield up is crucial to Mega Water S' gameplay. Deal as much damage as you can until the shield wears off, then pick off survivors with your mainfire and use your alt to keep opponents away from you while you recharge your shield.

Hyper Storm H

Main: Hot Breath (exhale)

Alt: Hot Breath (inhale)

Item: Hyper Stomp

Weakness: Hyper Bomb, Atomic Fire

This hulking behemoth boasts among the highest amount of health in the game, and a devastating alt which allow him to easily survive his normally dangerous reckless style of play. Hyper Storm's mainfire pushes enemies away from you while spitting out a moderately damaging buster shot. This can keep powerful melee classes at bay, and disrupt enemy movement in a one-on-one firefight. His alt is where he really shines; a powerful inhale that does strong, continuous melee damage to anyone you suck in, similar to Dust Man and Wind Man's alts. Its suction power is comparable to Magnet Pull, and its damage output is great, though not as powerful as Dust Man's vacuum. What makes this truly stand out is that it's coupled with Hyper Storm's enormous health. Normally a suction-based ripping attack takes the risk of an opponent being dragged into their face and dealing damage they might not be able to afford. Hyper Storm can easily take the frantic abuse of opponents being sucked in while steadily devouring their health. When his secondary energy meter is full, Hyper Storm can unleash the devastating Hyper Stomp. While the stomp itself deals immense damage, its true purpose is to summon a group of Metools which fall from above when Hyper Storm stomps. If no one is nearby, they immediately dissipate. If they spot someone, the Mets will furiously chase after them, attempting to crash into them. A full group of Mets can do considerable damage, and if coupled with the rest of Hyper Storm's tools, the opponent is toast.

Mega Man 4

Bright Man

Main: Bright Buster

Alt: Bright Pound

Item: Flash Stopper

Special Ability: Stopper Immunity

Acquired Weapon: Flash Stopper

Weakness: Rain Flush

Bright Man plays similarly to Flash Man, lacking the simplicity and raw power of Flash Man's high-powered Buster and more effective Stopper for a more versatile moveset. Bright Man's buster is a simple one-shot deal, that dished out minor damage at a decent rate of fire. His alt deals much more damage, causing Bright Man to bodyslam opponents, dealing significant contact ripping damage. His item freezes opponents in place like Flash Man's, with the added bonus of blinding them while frozen. While this may seem more effective, Bright Man's stopper takes longer than Flash Man's to charge up, and if the victim isn't hit out of the effect, the freeze lasts for a shorter duration of time. The infrequency of Bright Man's access to Flash Stopper makes him less effective of a support class than Flash Man, but the extra blinding factor of his Stopper can disorient opponents in ways your teammates can take advantage of.

Toad Man

Main: Rain Flush

Alt: Toad Leap

Acquired Weapon: Rain Flush

Weakness: Drill Bomb

Another risk-reward class that can annihilate large crowds if played effectively. Toad Man's Rain Flush takes a moment to prepare, and if he is hit during his preparation period the attack will be dropped. If he pulls it off uninterrupted, Toad Man summons a deluge of acid rain that does significant damage to everyone around him, doing more damage they closer they are to Toad Man. A well placed Rain Flush done into a crowd of opponents can frag an entire group all at once, making Toad Man a force to be reckoned with in highly-populated matches. His alt makes him leap a long distance, dealing contact damage during his large jump. To ensure your Rain Flush won't be cut off, use it while jumping to make yourself more difficult to hit before the acid rain comes pouring down.

Drill Man

Main: Drill Bomb

Alt: Dig

Acquired Weapon: Drill Bomb

Weakness: Dive Missile

A unique type of explosives class, Drill Man fights primarily with his Drill Bombs, which act as a type of remote bomb. The bombs will continue travelling as long as you hold down mainfire, detonating when the bombs hit a surface, or when mainfire is released. There is a set distance the bombs must travel before exploding, however, so simply tapping mainfire will result in a short range attack. Drill Man's alt causes him to drill into the ground, digging below the floor. This allows him to reach any location in a flash. Drill Man also does contact damage when emerging, but firing Drill Bombs at your feet makes a better attack to stave off threats up close. Keeping your distance and choosing the right time to set off your bombs is crucial.

Pharaoh Man

Main: Pharaoh Wave

Alt: Pharaoh Shot

Acquired Weapon: Pharaoh Shot

Weakness: Flash Stopper

Pharaoh Man possesses a varied offense consisting of a powerful mainfire, and a fast-firing altfire. The Pharaoh Wave can only be fired if fully charged, and unleashes a large, powerful ripping projectile. His Pharaoh Shot cannot be charged like the copywep version, but has a high rate of fire and travels fast. Synergizing the two attacks is the key to getting the most out of Pharaoh Man. Charge Pharaoh Wave from a distance and use it as a powerful, opening shot (and to clear out crowds). When opponents close in, pelt them with Pharaoh Shots to either finish them off, or pick as them as you gain ground to charge another Pharaoh Wave. Relying solely on one of his attacks leaves you with a sizable weak spot in your offense, but combining both can make for a devastating assault.

Ring Man

Main: Ring Boomerang

Alt: Ring Spin

Acquired Weapon: Ring Boomerang

Weakness: Pharaoh Shot

Ring Man's plan of attack is simple. His main weapon is the Ring Boomerang, which acts like the copywep version, except for one notable change; the Ring will continue to travel as long as you hold down mainfire. It also differs in that the ring will pause briefly before returning to Ring Man, so having the Ring return at the precise moment it lands on an enemy can make for some huge damage. The key to getting the most out of Ring Man is getting the most amount of hits with one ring. Rebounding rings off surfaces to hit an enemy several times with one ring toss is always a good idea, or attempting to space your attacks to catch an opponent on the pause before the Ring's return is a much trickier, but more powerful strategy. Make good use of holding mainfire for longer range assaults, and remember you don't have to wait for the ring to return to you before you can fire another. Make good use of this fact for additional strategies.

Dust Man

Main: Dust Crusher

Alt: Dust Vacuum

Acquired Weapon: Dust Crusher

Weakness: Ring Boomerang

Beware the Dust Man! While his overall stats are completely average, Dust Man's offensive capabilities are monstrous. His Dust Crusher's initial, large projectile is slow moving, but very powerful, and the weaker shrapnel projectiles can be used for trick shots. His alt is the strongest "pull in the opponent and do damage" attack of them all. Though it doesn't pull with the same strength as Magnet Pull or Hot Breath, the damage it deals is tremendous. At a distance, Dust Man is severely hampered due to the slow speed of his only projectile attack, and his average speed can make closing the gap difficult against many of the faster classes. Up close, however, Dust Man is one of the most fearsome opponents in Justified Classes. Keep him at a distance at all costs!

Dive Man

Main: Dive Missile

Alt: Dive Charge

Acquired Weapon: Dive Missile

Weakness: Skull Barrier

The definitive homing missile class, Dive Man specializes in running away (usually using Dive Charge) and sniping with Dive Missiles from a distance. The homing abilities of Dive Missile are second to none, and left alone Dive Man can score frag after frag by playing "fire and forget". With a weapon as effective as that, there has to be a catch... In this case, it's two-fold. The missiles themselves can be shot out of the air by opponents aware of them, making one-on-one fights with an opponent who has Dive Man in his sights a difficult affair. Also, his Dive Charge shares its ammo with the Dive Missiles, and both consume ammo quickly. If a Dive Man player plays it too reckless, he'll be at the mercy of any opponent who reaches his location.

Skull Man

Main: Skull Buster

Alt: Skull Barrier

Acquired Weapon: Skull Barrier

Weakness: Dust Crusher

Originally built as a perfect balance between offense and defense, Skull Man brings that very principle to 8-Bit Deathmatch. His Skull Buster fires a single buster shot with infinite ammo, and a decent rate of fire. While they may not look terribly powerful, these buster shots can chip away an opponent's health quickly (usually killing in about 6 shots). His Skull Barrier is differs from the Copywep version in two ways. First, the initial deployment of the barrier deals contact damage; and second, Skull Man cannot move while the barrier is up. When he deactivates the barrier, he deals melee damage while repelling everyone around him. With a solid arsenal of attacks, Skull Man stands as a sizable threat no matter what stage or game mode he finds himself in.

Mega Man 5

Gravity Man

Main: Gravity Buster

Alt: Gravity Hold

Acquired Weapon: Gravity Hold

Weakness: Star Crash

Gravity Man is a very situational class, but in the right conditions he's a force to be reckoned with. Gravity Man's mainfire is a simple, but effective buster shot. His alt is one of the more unique attacks in the game; When used, Gravity Man's own gravitational pull will reverse, pulling him toward the ceiling. When this happens, he simultaneously pulls any nearby opponent down, doing damage similar to the copywep Gravity Hold. For a period of time, Gravity Man can walk on the ceiling, and snipe from there with his buster. When his ammo meter runs out, Gravity Man's own gravity will return to normal, pulling him back down to the ground. When this happens, all nearby opponents will be thrown upward, doing damage to everyone effected. If there is no ceiling above him when he uses Gravity Hold, Gravity Man will simply skip to the last step and throw everyone around him upward. If Gravity Man is walking on the ceiling and steps outside to where there is no ceiling, he will immediately descent and toss enemies upward.

Wave Man

Main: Harpoon

Alt: Water Wave

Acquired Weapon: Water Wave

Weakness: Charge Kick

Wave Man comes sporting a solid set of tools to handle any situation. His mainfire shoots a single harpoon which does decent ripping damage, while his alt functions completely differently from the copywep variant. When pressing altfire, a cluster of water spouts will spawn where you're pointing. Not only does this do strong ripping damage, these water spouts also have the ability to block projectiles, functioning as a defensive tool as well as offensive! With his solid damage output and defensive abilities using Water Wave, Wave Man is a dangerous foe to face in a one-on-one situation.

Stone Man

Main: Power Stone (chargeable)

Alt: Stone Stomp

Acquired Weapon: Power Stone

Weakness: Napalm Bomb

Of all the super heavyweight classes, Stone Man boasts some of the most fearsome offensive power of them all. His attacks are difficult to land in many situations, but the punch he packs is devastating. Tapping his mainfire causes it to behave like the copywep version. When fully charged, the Power Stone will spin outward like normal, but instead of spreading outward from Stone Man, they will move forward as well, as if orbiting an unseen projectile. While this allows Stone Man to attack opponents at range, the stones still continue to spread outward. As powerful as this attack is, it leaves Stone Man nearly crippled in tight corridors and uneven terrain. Also, the charged variant will not hit enemies directly in front of you unless they're an exact distance away from you. In order to get an accurate, ranged shot, the Power Stone will have to be fired at a precise angle. His alt causes him to leap high into the air, and come crashing down with a mighty impact that shatters his stone body. The hitbox on this attack demands that you be precise, but luckily Stone Man can be steered while making the initial jump. Landing directly on top of an opponent will do incredible damage, often resulting in a OHKO.

Gyro Man

Main: Gyro Attack

Alt: Fly

Acquired Weapon: Gyro Attack

Weakness: Gravity Hold

Hands down, Gyro Man has the greatest mobility of any class. Solid running speed, good jump height, and his alt provides him with total free flight as long as you hold down altfire, with no penalty for ending the flight prematurely. Truly, Gyro Man rules the skies. Combined with his great mobility are his mainfire blades, which move at an average speed before pausing for a brief moment, and homing in on nearby opponents. Holding mainfire extends the time the Gyro Attack flies straight before stopping to find a target. While not immensely powerful, his mainfire's strength is solid, and allows him to take it to opponents at any height, including other flying classes coming at him from above when he's not flying. Sheer dominance in mobility and maneuverability is Gyro Man's claim to fame. A well-played Gyro Man is hard to hit as he is to avoid.

Star Man

Main: Star Crash

Acquired Weapon: Star Crash

Weakness: Water Wave

Star Man has one attack, but that one attack has a plethora of application. On the first press of mainfire, Star Man is surrounded by a shield of stars, which do moderate, but continuous contact damage. Pressing mainfire again launches the Star Crash. When launched, the Star Crash is a large, powerful ripping attack that moves somewhat slowly, allowing it to linger over foes longer and deal even more damage. Proper use of both phases of the attack is key to getting the most out of Star Man, who is capable of absolutely destroying his enemies if played properly.

Charge Man

Main: Charge Attack

Alt: Coal Shot

Acquired Weapon: Charge Kick

Weakness: Power Stone

Charge Man is a class that demands you play recklessly, while acting as something of a safer Top Man. His mainfire is a ramming attack that does less damage than Top Spin, but still packs a considerable punch. His alt tosses coal into the air, which rains back down at random points, dealing considerable damage to anyone they hit. Ramming with mainfire should be your primary focus with Charge Man, while his alt acts as an effective crowd control, as well as a method for hitting enemies above you.

Napalm Man

Main: Napalm Bomb

Alt: Napalm Missile

Acquired Weapon: Napalm Bomb

Weakness: Crystal Eye

Scorched earth is the name of Napalm Man's game. His mainfire lobs two Napalm Bombs simultaneously that explode on impact, while his alt fires a fast-traveling, powerful missile that explodes with a large blast radius. Unlike Bomb Man, the damage dealt by Napalm Man's explosives are the same no matter how precise you are. Hitting both mainfire bombs together, and catching opponents with the missile, is key to using Napalm Man effectively. Doing so will waste opponents in seconds. Remember that the hitbox for his missile's explosion is even larger than the visible explosion effect, and make good use of his mainfire's movement arc. The key to playing Napalm Man is to leave the opponents unable to escape the myriad of deadly explosions you'll be creating in your warpath.

Crystal Man

Main: Crystal Shot

Alt: Crystal Eye

Acquired Weapon: Crystal Eye

Weakness: Gyro Attack

The undisputed king of enclosed spaces. Crystal Man's mainfire is a simple shot that acts as a good backup to his main method of attack; his altfire. Upon pressing altfire, Crystal Man will release 4 bouncing crystals in multiple directions. Spamming these in tight corridors and small spaces can turn the battlefield into a crystal-laden deathtrap for opponents. Be warned; he is effectively crippled in wide open spaces. His mainfire keeps him from being totally helpless, but in open areas he loses the power of his ricocheting crystal balls.

Dark Man 1

Main: Dark Buster

Alt: Dark Tank

Weakness: Water Wave

Dark Man 1's main strategy is a risky one, but if performed correctly it gets results. His mainfire is a standard buster shot, with solid damage, infinite ammo, and a good rate of fire. His alt causes him to dash forward and ram into foes. The lower his health is, the farther he'll travel with a single Dark Tank ram. The ram is his strongest attack, hands down, and works even better as both an attack, and as an escape tool, as Dark Man 1 loses more and more health. Use it to finish off opponents softened up by buster shots.

Dark Man 2

Main: Dark Shield Shot

Alt: Dark Shield Spin

Special Ability: Health-based running speed (lower = faster)

Weakness: Crystal Eye

Dark Man 2 is entirely reliant on "hugging" damage, and specializes in it better than anyone else. From the start, Dark Man 2 will have his Dark Shield spinning around him at all times, which causes continuous, powerful ripping damage to anyone that touches it. Pressing mainfire causes the two pillars of the shield to fire in front of him, and behind him. Pressing mainfire again will make the pillars return (though they'll return if left alone too long, or upon reaching a boundary or wall. This prevents Dark Man 2 from being helpless against ranged opponents, as well as catches enemies chasing him off guard. His true power lies in his alt, which causes his shield to spin at high speeds around him. Doing this will maximize the damage you get when up against an opponent, and indeed can shred enemies' health in seconds. Like Dark Man 1, he also benefits from the damage he takes, as his speed increases the more he takes damage. At low health this speed boost allows for either blitzing opponents with everything you have, or running away to find health pickups.

Dark Man 3

Main: Dark Buster

Alt: Stun Rings

Weakness: Gyro Attack

Dark Man 3 is a punishing beast of a class. His mainfire is a rapid-fire buster that can pelt enemies with a stream of buster shots in seconds, while his alt fires three rings that stun enemies for a very long period of time (effectively pinning them down to be blasted with another salvo of buster fire). Dark Man 3's strategy is simple; relentlessly pelt opponents with rapid buster fire, use the rings if they try to escape.

Dark Man 4

Main: Dark Buster

Alt: Dark Shield Shot

Weakness: Star Crash, Power Stone, Charged Proto Buster

The boss of the Dark Men acts as a combination of their best attributes into one powerful killing machine. Like Dark Man 2, Dark Man 4 is perpetually surrounded by his Dark Shield. While he can't spin it, he can fire it like Dark Man 2 for the same multi-directional attack. Where he really shines is combining his shield's hug damage with the infinite ammo and solid damaging power of his buster. An opponent being blasted with point-blank buster fire while being shredded by the Dark Shield isn't going to last very long until they're fragged. At a distance, Dark Man's buster acts as a good ranged weapon, and can be combined with his Dark Shield Shot to dominate the battlefield, and keep the opponent on their toes.

The Stardroids


Main: Spark Chaser

Alt: Stun Chaser

Item: Teleport

Acquired Weapon: Spark Chaser

Weakness: Deep Digger

The leader of the Stardroids, and a ferocious opponent to face in a crowded server. Terra's main asset is his Spark Chaser, which darts around looking for opponents, and deals solid ripping damage. When a few are fired into a crowd, this attack can burn through an entire group of people, potentially scoring many frags. His alt acts like Spark Shock, stunning opponents for a long period of time. His item ability instantly teleports him several feet in front of him, allowing Terra to cover a lot of ground in the blink of an eye.


Main: Grab Buster

Alt: Melting/Mercury Drops

Acquired Weapon: Grab Buster

Weakness: Black Hole

While Mercury may be fast, fragile, and lackin in severely damaging attacks, in the right hands he will never die. Mercury's mainfire is the Grab Buster, which steals health (and E-cans!) from any enemy they hit. While each Grab Buster shot isn't terribly strong, it has a high rate of fire and projectile speed, allowing you to pummel foes into submission while healing yourself in the process! His alt furthers his survivability by turning him into an armored blob of mercury while hurling mercury at his foes. After a set period of time, all the mercury drops will converge back toward Mercury, and he will reform back to normal. Mixing up these two attacks properly can make Mercury one of the hardest classes in the game to score a kill on.


Main: Homing Bubble Bomb

Alt: Mine Bubble Bomb

Acquired Weapon: Bubble Bomb

Weakness: Photon Missile

Venus works best when played from a distance, in an almost "cowardly" fashion. His mainfire has excellent tracking to it (second only to Dive Missile), allowing you to pelt opponents with bubbles from a safe distance. Mainfire must be hold down to allow the bubble to continue chasing, however, as it will dissipate when Mainfire is let go. Should an enemy try to close in and put an end to your sniping, Venus' altfire places powerful, stationary Bubble Bombs that explode on contact (or if they're shot), which can be used to keep enemies at bay while you beat a hasty retreat. Since, like Dive Missile, his homing bubbles can be shot down, it's best to switch things up in a one-on-one and go aggressive. Your plan of action should involve pelting your opponent with homing bubbles while to try to set up a mine bubble in their face.


Main: Mars Machinegun

Alt: Photon Missile

Item: Mars Landmine

Acquired Weapon: Photon Missile

Weakness: Salt Water

Mars is an aggressive walking arsenal that especially shines in the hands of a player who knows how to control the battlefield. His mainfire is a fast, rapid-fire pair of shots that can pile on damage quickly, while his alt is strong, but fires on a delay and requires some precision to use effectively. His item drops up to three landmines that explode whenever an enemy steps on them. A combination of constant pressure with his main and altfire, and making the battlefield treacherous to traverse with his landmines, is key to getting the most of Mars. He has the tools to win in any situation, in any stage.


Main: Electric Shotgun

Alt: Electric Shock

Item: Swoop Attack (only usable while flying)

Acquired Weapon: Electric Shock

Special Ability: Double Jump-Activated Flight (5 bursts)

Weakness: Bubble Bomb

Of all the Stardroids, Jupiter requires the most skill to use effectively. But if you can pull it off, you're rewarded with his tremendous potential for damage. Jupiter's mainfire shoots 4 small sparks in a spread, none of them flying straight ahead. This is best used directly in an opponent's face. His alt can only be used when in the air, and fires a devastating beam of lightning straight down. This can be difficult to hit with, due to the fact it only hits directly below you, where you can't see your opponent, but if you can time and aim it properly, the damage it deals is enormous. Jupiter is also prevented from falling while using this attack, so ti can also be used as a surprise attack from a jump. Electric Shock makes Jupiter a dangerous threat to a group of players clustered together. Coupled with all of that, his flight ability, and the speed at which he can move in the air, makes him especially hard to hit. During his flight, Jupiter's item attack will appear. This allows Jupiter to attack with a tremendously far-reaching swoop attack. While the attack is quite powerful, be careful with it, as Jupiter travels rather far during the swoop, and is vulnerable the entire time if you miss.


Main: Saturn Ring Toss

Alt (with Ring): Black Hole

Alt (without Ring): Saturn Slide

Item: Absorbed Explosion

Acquired Weapon: Black Hole

Weakness: Electric Shock

Saturn combines versatility and power like few other classes, making him a dangerous threat no matter what the situation. His mainfire tosses his large ring, which bounces along the floor and off walls, and will continue to travel as long as you hold down mainfire. While the ring is away from you, pressing altfire will make Saturn perform a powerful sliding kick. The combined damage and two-pronged assault of his mainfire can dish out a great deal of damage if you can properly manage both attacks. When his Ring is in his possession, his alt changes to Black Hole. Using this will protect the entire area in front of Saturn, allowing him to absorb any projectile caught in his ring. When a projectile is pulled in, it will add ammo to his secondary ammo bar. When this bar is filled, an item will appear, allowing him to unleash the Absorbed Explosion. This attack has two effects; first, it acts as a stopper, freezing everyone around him in place. At the same time, it sprays projectiles in every direction, allowing him to hit an entire crowd of people at once. If a player can manage the demanding nature of Saturn's playstyle, they will be rewarded with his significant damage output.


Main: Deep Digger

Alt: Sharp Horns

Item: Pillar Break

Acquired Weapon: Deep Digger

Weakness: Break Dash

One of the most powerful offense-based classes in the game. Uranus is focused on relentlessly assaulting whatever poor fool he sets his sights on. His mainfire tosses a block of stone straight ahead, which splits into 4 projectiles on contact that fire back toward Uranus. Not only does the initial block projectile do good damage on its own, but the fragments it splits into can be used to strike enemies from behind. Missing on purpose can add an extra layer of mindgames to Uranus' already terrifying assault. His alt is a powerful lunge forward that deals a strong, single hit of melee damage. What causes Uranus to strike fear in the hearts of classes players, however, is his Pillar Break. Over time, his ammo meter will slowly fill (as long as you're not holding a Deep Digger block). When it's full, pressing item will cause Uranus to leap upward, landing with a powerful stomp that causes a ceiling collapse a few steps in front of him. Both Uranus, and the wall of cave-in he summons, deliver an instant death to anyone they hit. Its mammoth damage, combined with the sheer size of the attack, make Pillar Break one of Justified Classes' three most deadly attacks (the others being Top Spin and Punk's Cannonball). Any player facing Uranus should listen for the sound his leap makes, and know to run away. In general, one should keep their distance from Uranus if they want to survive.


Main: Break Dash

Alt: Slash Shot

Alt (while clinging to a wall): Homing Shot

Item: Wall Cling

Acquired Weapon: Break Dash

Weakness: Grab Buster

Pluto combined speed and mobility with offense to create a diverse arsenal of powerful attacks. His Break Dash sends him dashing at high speeds in any direction (even up in the air), doing strong ripping damage to anyone in his path. His alt is a fast ripping projectile with infinite ammo and a high rate of fire. Using his item, Pluto can cling to the side of a wall. From there he can Break Dash off the wall, or using his alt he can fire a homing energy pulse to snipe at opponents who may have lost track of him. Making yourself hard to hit while shredding your opponents at high speed is the crux of Pluto's gameplan.


Main: Salt Water

Alt: Salt Water Shower

Acquired Weapon: Salt Water

Weakness: Spark Chaser

Neptune excels at getting in close and keeping opponent's locked down. His mainfire lobs a ball of Salt Water that splits into three if it collides with any surface. He has a decent rate of fire with these, and the initial Salt Water spheres do a fair amount of damage. With his alt, Neptune stomps on the ground, summoning a rain of Salt Water that damages any enemies near him. Not letting up on your Salt Water assaults, and making sure to get in an alt whenever possible, is crucial to achieving victory with Neptune.

Mega Man 6

Blizzard Man

Main: Blizzard Attack

Alt: Blizzard Bowl

Acquired Weapon: Blizzard Attack

Weakness: Flame Blast

Blizzard Man combines speed with power, but is held back a bit by his finicky mainfire. The Blizzard Attack summons 4 ripping snowflake projectiles that converge toward the opponent. It can be difficult to get all 4 shots to hit the enemy, but if you can the damage is worth it. When the snowflakes initially summon, they will hang around Blizzard Man for a moment before launching, dealing hug damage to anyone next to them when they spawn. His alt is the powerful Blizzard Bowl, which causes Blizzard Man to roll into a ball and launch himself forward, plowing into enemies for big damage. After hitting an enemy, or a solid object, Blizzard Man will bounce high and away from the impact, and during the attack he travels fast, and in a straight line, making this attack very dangerous on some stages. He is, however, invincible during the attack, so save it when an enemy has you cornered, or runs into you in a corridor.

Centaur Man

Main: Centaur Buster/Splitter

Alt: Centaur Flash

Item: Disappear

Acquired Weapon: Centaur Flash

Weakness: Knight Crush

Centaur Man excels at area control better than most classes. His mainfire shoots a decently powerful, but relatively slow moving buster shot. If this buster shot collides with a surface, it splits into 8 shots that fly horizontally in all directions. Shooting this at the floor can maximize the area you can cover, but will make it easier to jump over. His alt releases the Centaur Flash, which damages and stuns all enemies in the surrounding area. If his ammo meter is full, Centaur Man can turn invisible and intangible for a short time, allowing you to either escape, or get the drop on enemies.

Flame Man

Main: Flame Blast

Alt: Flame Pillars

Acquired Weapon: Flame Blast

Weakness: Wind Storm, Wind Gyros

Flame Man attacks with an arsenal that's easily avoided, but very hard-hitting. Careful aim, timing, and planning is essential to utilizing Flame Man's full power. Despite having the same name as the copywep version, his mainfire is a completely different attack, shooting a strong, slow-moving fireball. His alt causes him to plant his buster into the ground, creating a large wave of flame pillars that keep travelling forward for as long as you hold down altfire. While doing this, however, you can only move at a snail's pace, and you can't jump (since Flame Man has his buster rooted to the ground), so be careful not to leave yourself open. The pillars spawn with large gaps between them that enemies can stand between to avoid the attack, but if it hits it does major damage. The wave of flames can also travel up walls, and will continue on endlessly as long as you hold down altfire (or until the wave of flames has nowhere else to go). Being smart with this move can make all the difference, and score you many frags against unsuspecting foes. Even ones across an entire arena!

Knight Man

Main: Knight Crush

Alt: Shield Raise

Acquired Weapon: Knight Crush

Weakness: Yamato Spear

The king of the trick shot, Knight Man will test your ability to aim, and surprise your opponents. The Knight Crush is a powerful mace that bounces off walls and rips through opponents. Unlike the copywep version, however, holding down mainfire will not only make the Knight Crush travel a bit farther, but will also cause it to pause, freezing in place until mainfire is released, or a certain amount of time passes. Any enemy that touches the stationary Knight Crush gets all the ripping damage it would normally do, but without the benefit of it passing through them. Aiming this to pause on top of opponents, or behind opponents who are backing up, is the best way to try and catch enemies with it. The stationary Knight Crush almost always results in a OHKO, so planning is the key. Knight Man's alt causes him to raise his shield for a moment, completely protecting his front from projectiles during this time.

Plant Man

Main: Plant Barrier

Alt: Plant Buster

Acquired Weapon: Plant Barrier

Weakness: Blizzard Attack

Plant Man's offense revolves entirely around his mainfire, much like Star Man. Unlike Star Man, he also comes equipped with a bustr attack, which fires a series of buster shots in a wide spray. His barrier itself does consistent hug damage, healing Plant Man while dealing damage. When fired, his barrier will do a single hit of solid damage, but won't give him any health. If played properly, Plant Man can easily survive his risky style of offense, siphoning health from anyone who can't keep him at arm's length.

Tomahawk Man

Main: Silver Tomahawk

Alt: Tomahawk Feathers

Acquired Weapon: Silver Tomahawk

Weakness: Plant Barrier

Pure rushdown offense. That's the crux of Tomahawk Man's gameplay. His mainfire is strong, and arcs upwards, making it necessary to get in close to hit with it (though the arc does make hitting flying targets much easier). His alt fires a group of feathers straight ahead, all doing minor ripping damage which can add up quickly if they all hit together. All that, coupled with his good running speed, makes Tomahawk Man's plan of attack clear; get in the enemy's face and don't let up.

Wind Man

Main: Wind Gyros

Alt: Wind Fan

Item: Flight

Acquired Weapon: Wind Storm

Weakness: Centaur Flash

Wind Man is a powerhouse character who, like Stone Man, possesses attacks that hit hard, but can be difficult to manage. His mainfire shoots two gyros that move in a double-helix pattern. While strong, this can be near-useless in tight spaces, and easy to dodge if the enemy sees it coming. His alt is a powerful suction attack, similar to Dust Man and Hyper Storm H, but forces Wind Man to be stationary while using it. His flight mode allows for some excellent maneuverability, and extra mobility options, however. If you can manage his unique arsenal, you can easily have enemies in the palm of your hand.

Yamato Man

Main: Yamato Spear

Acquired Weapon: Yamato Spear

Weakness: Silver Tomahawk

While Yamato Man possesses only one attack, it's quite possibly the most versatile in the game. With it, Yamato Man spins his spear. Tapping mainfire shoots a single spearhead, while holding mainfire down launches three ripping spearheads While this attack is powerful in its own right, it doesn't end there. When Yamato Man spins his spear, the spear itself does contact ripping damage, allowing you to use it as a melee weapon as well. But that's still not all the attack can do! When the spearheads collide with a surface, they fall to the ground and stay there. If Yamato Man picks these up, he can use them to refill his mainfire ammo. If an enemy steps on them, they act as caltrops, doing minor damage. There's a thousand and one ways to play Yamato Man, so pick which one works with your playstyle and go for it!

Mega Man 7

Freeze Man

Main: Freeze Cracker (chargeable)

Weakness: Junk Shield, Scorch Wheel

Freeze Man is another class with a single, multi-purpose attack. The main projectile of his Freeze Cracker deals a good chunk of damage on its own, and moves at a decent speed. When it collides with a surface, it splits into several, weaker ice shards. When the Freeze Cracker is fully charged, the projectile has multiple new properties. If it hits an opponent, it freezes them in a block of ice, leaving them vulnerable to assault from you or your teammates for a brief period of time. If it hits the floor, it spreads multiple waves of ice that freeze opponents' feet the the ground if they hit. Unlike a direct hit, this won't completely freeze the opponent. They can't jump or run, but they can still attack you. Hitting the ceiling on indoor areas demonstrates the true potential of the Freeze Cracker, however. If the charged cracker hits the ceiling, it summons a rain of large icicles that shatter into Freeze Cracker shards upon hitting the floor. The icicles will continue raining down from above for a few moments in a random fashion. This can attack entire large crowds at once, and turn small rooms into an icy danger zone. After a charged Freeze Cracker is launched, Freeze Man's ammo is depleted, and he cannot charge his mainfire again until it refills. He can, however, fire normal Freeze Crackers any time.

Junk Man

Main: Junk Throw

Alt (without Junk Shield): Junk Cube

Alt (with Junk Shield): Junk Shield Launch

Item: Super Jump/Ceiling Dig/Junk Shield summon

Acquired Weapon: Junk Shield

Weakness: Thunder Bolt

Junk Man is one of the more strategic heavyweight characters, with lots of options that are situational, but pack a huge whallop. His mainfire is a simple straight projectile of junk, which does decent damage and shatters into a handful of junk pieces that do moderate damage. Altfire creates a giant cube of junk that Junk Man first tosses upward before the block slides across the ground. The Junk Cube is Junk Man's strongest attack by far, but is tough to use in narrow or uneven areas. Make sure to aim it downward a bit to avoid tossing the cube over enemies' heads. Using his item causes Junk Man to launch upward. If he hits the ceiling, he digs into the ceiling, burrowing much like Drill Man for a time. After a period of time, Junk Man bursts out of the ceiling surrounded by Junk Shield. If there's no ceiling, Junk Man will simply summon a Junk Shield and fall back down after leaping. With the Junk Shield, Junk Man receives increased defense, but loses it if he's hit enough times. When the shield is up, pressing altfire launches the shield. Should the shield hit an enemy, the spinning field of junk will hold the enemy down, freezing them in place. While the best Junk Man can hit them with after is a Junk Throw, in team games this leaves the opponent vulnerable to a Pillar Break or Top Spin from an ally.

Burst Man

Main: Danger Wrap

Alt: Bubble Summon

Item: Triple Bubble

Acquired Weapon: Danger Wrap

Weakness: Freeze Cracker, Scorch Wheel

Burst Man packs a mean punch, but does so using an arsenal that's as unconventional as it is deadly. The Danger Wrap fires forward while floating upward, giving it an arc similar to Silver Tomahawk, but not quite as vertical. If it hits a surface, the bubble will pop and the bomb carried within it will drop to the ground, exploding a few seconds afterward. The blast radius on these bombs in quite good, and the bubble can be fired downward to use these bombs as mines, adding to the Danger Wrap's potential. His alt summons a slowly rising bubble from the floor wherever Bust Man is aiming, which deals constant damage as it carries foes upward. Burst Man can also use this to lift himself, as well. His item launches three bubbles forward in a triangular pattern, which begin floating upward shortly after being fired. This attack covers a wide area in front of Burst Man, and is very hard to dodge in tight spaces.

Cloud Man

Main: Thunder Bolt (sniper)

Alt: Thunder Bolt (drop)

Item: Flight

Acquired Weapon: Thunder Bolt

Weakness: Danger Wrap

Cloud Man specializes in dealing great damage from afar. All his attacks cause him to pause for a beat to summon lightning before attacking, giving him a slow rate of fire. But, if you can stay far away and fire safely, his attacks can make quick work of enemies. His mainfire shoots a powerful lightning bolt that splits into two that fire off to the left and right upon contact. While the initial bolt is strong enough, the split bolts can be used for trick shots around corners. His alt fires a very powerful bolt of lightning downward that splits into several sparks that travel along the ground, and can even climb up walls. The sparks can be used for area dominance, but the real meat of the attack is the initial bolt. Anyone directly under Cloud Man is in for a world of pain. His flight ability allows him to fly high above enemies and snipe them with lightning from a safe distance, or fly over crowds and drop powerful altfire lightning with impunity. Beware enemies up close, though. Cloud Man can't attack quickly, and he's wide open during the brief period needed to summon lightning.

Spring Man

Main: Wild Coil

Alt: Spring Punch

Acquired Weapon: Wild Coil

Weakness: Slash Claw

Spring Man's high jumping, bouncy mainfire, and ability to stop dead in the air with his alt, make him a chaotic opponent to deal with. His mainfire launches two springs that bounce around for several seconds before dissipating, allowing Spring Man to turn battles in cramped areas into spring-loaded chaos. His alt causes him to wind up for a moment, and launch a far-reaching punch. While precise, and hard to hit with, the Spring Punch can deal a good chunk of damage, and be used to throw off opponents trying to shoot you while you jump around like crazy. And that's what you should be doing as Spring Man; take full advantage of his excellent jumping ability to make yourself difficult to hit while making full use of his chaotic moveset.

Slash Man

Main (ground): Slash Claw

Main (on the wall): Slash Dash

Alt: Wall Jump/Cling

Item: Goo Egg

Acquired Weapon: Slash Claw

Weakness: Freeze Cracker, Scorch Wheel

The master of rushdown melee combat, Slash Man is a force to be reckoned with up close. His Slash Claw deals out tremendous damage, and can even slash projectiles out of the air. His alt causes him to leap upward, clinging to any way he hits. While on the wall, pressing mainfire will cause him to dash forward, much like Pluto's Break Dash, shredding anyone unfortunate enough to be in his path. His item tosses an egg full of red goo. Should anyone be hit by this, or step in the puddle it leaves, they'll be coated in the sticky substance, and their movement will be slowed severely. If this happens, they'll be unable to escape, and Slash Man can effortlessly make mincemeat out of them.

Shade Man

Main: Noise Crush

Alt: Stone Spell

Alt (while flying): Shade Swoop

Special Ability: Double Jump-Activated Flight (5 bursts)

Acquired Weapon: Noise Crush

Weakness: Wild Coil

Shade Man boasts a variety of attacks with very different applications, giving him more options than most. His Noise Crush acts like the copywep version, allowing him to get trick shots with the single rebound, or fire a powerful charged wave of sound. His alt fires a slow-moving white projectile that freezes opponents in place for a long time. The cooldown on this attack is quite large, and though Shade Man can still capitalize somewhat, this attack really shines in team modes (much like Junk Shield). Pressing jump multiple times in the air will cause Shade Man to flap his wings and fly. During his flight, pressing altfire causes him to swoop down, dealing ripping damage and draining health from anyone caught in his talons.

Turbo Man

Main: Scorch Wheel (chargeable)

Alt: Crash Drive

Acquired Weapon: Scorch Wheel

Weakness: Noise Crush

Turbo Man combines speed and precision to dish out tremendous damage. His Scorch Wheel, when uncharged, acts like the copywep version, dealing continuous ripping damage as long as an opponent is touching it (making it great for hunting down fleeing enemies). If fully charged, its properties change. First, the Scorch Wheel will stay stationary for a moment before launching forward, making it especially powerful if dropped right on an enemy (much like a stationary Knight Crush). The charged version of Scorch Wheel also has an afterburn effect, dealing extra burn damage over time to anyone who touches it. Finally, when a charged Scorch Wheel collides with a surface, it bursts into 4 Flame Pillars, each of which also cause an afterburn effect on anyone they touch. His Crash Drive transforms him into a car and causes him to ram into enemies. The longer altfire is held down to rev up the attack, the longer he stays in car form. Any opponent hit by Turbo Man in his car form is hit with big damage, and is tossed aside. They can even be tossed over ledges if the attack is timed right!

Mega Man 8

Tengu Man

Main: Tengu Blade/Kamaitachi

Alt: Tornado Hold

Item: Tengu Flight/Tengu Dive

Acquired Weapon: Tornado Hold, Tengu Blade

Weakness: Ice Wave, Spread Drill

Tengu Man offers great damage outputs to any player skilled enough to land his attacks just right, with a wide variety of moves that fit various situations. Tapping his mainfire launches a Tengu Blade, which does both melee damage, and fires an upward arcing air slash that bounces off surfaces. Charging mainfire will instead give you the Kamaitachi, which carries opponents upward as it deals continuous damage. Hitting this attack head-on, and angling it just right so the opponent is carried the maximum distance, will net you a one hit kill on almost every class! But be careful; it won't work behind an opponent's back. It must hit from the front. His alt launches a Tornado Hold fan that travels quickly along the ground, tossing opponents upward and doing a solid chunk of damage should they be caught in the tornado it produces. Using his item once causes Tengu Man to initiate a unique flight, where he moves quickly at a horizontal axis, slowly at a vertical axis, and continuously bobs up and down while flying. Tengu Man can his both his mainfire and alt while in flight mode. Pressing Item again before the flight meter runs out causes Tengu Man to attack in a very far reaching swoop. Hitting opponents dead on with the entire swoop will, like the Kamaitachi, score a OHKO on most classes. But, be careful, as the Tengu Dive travels an incredible distance, and isn't safe to use near cliffs and other deathtraps.

Astro Man

Main: Copy Shot/Astro Orbitals

Alt: Astro Crush

Item: Copy Vision

Acquired Weapon: Copy Vision

Weakness: Homing Sniper, Magic Card

Astro Man packs a great deal of power and utility for players who can master the use of his unconventional moveset. His mainfire actually fires two attacks at once; not only does it continuously fire copy shots, but the first press of mainfire launches his Astro Orbitals, which act as boomerangs that do ripping damage and bounce off surfaces before pausing a moment, and returning to Astro Man. When not being fired, his orbitals spin around him, doing very minor melee ripping damage to anyone touching him. His Item allows him to place up to two Copy Vision clones, which act as stationary turrets that continuously fire Copy Shots until they fade away after a set period of time. His alt is the powerful Astro Crush, which causes Astro Man to teleport across short distances, summoning a devastating meteor to each spot he teleports from. If you can manage all of these tools, Astro Man has unparalleled area control. Scoring solid hits with the orbitals, smart placement of clones (as well as increasing the amount of projectiles you have on the field by firing copy shots of your own), and corralling enemies into your Astro Crush will make Astro Man a nightmare for your opponents.

Sword Man

Main: Flame Sword

Alt (ground): Fire Slash

Alt (in air): Heavy Statue

Acquired Weapon: Flame Sword

Special Ability: Double-tap dash

Weakness: Water Balloon

While not confined to it, Sword Man specializes in close-to-mid range combat. His mainfire is a simple swing of his Flame Sword, which does a large chunk of damage to anyone it hits, even scoring a 2HKO on most classes at point blank range. Combining this with his ability to dash can make Sword Man a terrifying opponent. When used on the ground, his alt causes his top half to separate, and launch in the direction you're facing, slicing through anyone in its path. While Sword Man is invincible while this attack is going on, he'll be open to attack the moment his torso rejoins his legs, so don't use this recklessly. The torso will also stop, and return to the legs if it comes in contact with anything solid. Because of the large hitbox it has, you'll need to aim carefully to get the best distance. When used in the air, his alt summons a giant statue head to fall at the spot where the player is aiming. This is Sword Man's main long-range method of attack. However, it's also his weakest attack, and requires a degree of precision. Use it only as a surprise attack, or a way of sniping long range and speedy classes adept at staying out of your general range.

Clown Man

Main: Thunder Claw

Alt (ground): Thunder Claw Grab

Alt (in air): Thunder Carnival

Acquired Weapon: Thunder Claw

Weakness: Tornado Hold

Clown Man boasts some unusual attacks that can deal serious damage to unsuspecting foes. His mainfire acts like the vanilla version of Thunder Claw, except using both of his arms instead of one, and doing slightly stronger ripping damage. When altfire is used on the ground, Clown Man thrusts his extendable arms into the ground, and pops out his hands wherever on the floor you're aiming. If an enemy is caught by, or steps on, Clown man's hands, the hands will grab them and hold them in place while electrocuting them. You can also hold this attack down not only to keep the hands out longer, but to deal continuous damage for longer when someone is grabbed. Be careful, as Clown Man can't move while using this move, and is completely open to attack. When altfire is pressed in the air, Clown Man becomes a huge bouncing ball of electricity. The Thunder Carnival deals tremendous damage to opponents, but can be difficult to control. Clown Man's general arsenal has big damage output, but require a level of risk, and mastering the odd behaviors of his attacks.

Search Man

Main: Homing Sniper

Alt: Deadly Storm

Item: Rebound Sniper

Acquired Weapon: Homing Sniper

Weakness: Flame Sword

Specializing in ranged combat that makes the most of the territory around him, Search man fills his role of tactical sniper well. Holding down mainfire releases two targeting reticules that zero in on the closest target. When they find a target, releasing mainfire launches a flurry of homing missiles that fly toward the target marked by the reticules. Releasing mainfire before an enemy is targeted fires a stream of missiles that spread to the left and right. Search Man's altfire engages his Deadly Storm attack. During the Deadly Storm, Search Man is held up by rockets in his back that cause him to hover above the ground, and his front compartment opens up, unleashing a spray of powerful rockets. While these rockets don't home in on targets, the sheer overwhelming number of them can obliterate targets easily. His item launches the Rebound Sniper, a bouncing, bladed bomb that explodes on contact with an enemy, doing a large amount of damage.

Frost Man

Main: Ice Wave (chargeable)

Alt 1: Ice Block

Alt 2: Ice Punch

Acquired Weapon: Ice Wave

Weakness: Flash Bomb

Frost Man is a devastating tank, trading speed for raw power. While he possesses one of the overall best damage outputs in the game, his movement and attack speed is very slow, all his attacks begin with a delay, and his attacks are confined to the ground, making attacking flying and jumping enemies difficult. His mainfire is the powerful Ice Wave, which travels along the ground until it reaches a dead end. If mainfire is tapped, Frost Man summons a small Ice Wave that does decent damage. If fully charged, Frost Man unleashes a large Ice Wave that not only does damage, but freezes the opponent's feet, holding them in place and leaving them vulnerable to a follow-up attack. Like some classes (copyweps in particular), Frost Man can cycle between attacks. These don't change his mainfire, however, but instead allows him to switch between two altfires. The first summons an ice block in front of Frost Man, which he promptly punches forward. the ice block slides along the ground until it hits something, shattering it. This is his fastest moving attack, though the delay before it fires is considerable. Still, the ice block is his best mid-ranged tool not only because of how fast it moves, but because of its power (which can kill most classes in 3 hits). His second alt is the Ice Punch; a forward lunging punch with an ice-coated fist. This attack takes a moment to start up, and the range is very short, but the damage is tremendous. Even when the punch finishes, the ice coating around his fist will shatter, with the ice bits doing a little extra damage. This move can be difficult to hit with, but the damage it does is outstanding.

Grenade Man

Main: Flash Bomb

Alt: Mini-Grenades

Item: Crazy Destroyer

Acquired Weapon: Flash Bomb

Special Ability: Double-tap dash

Weakness: Thunder Claw

Grenade Man is a machine of pure offense, throwing flurries of explosives all around him, clearing crowds and inhibiting enemy movement. His mainfire launches a Flash Bomb, which does slightly less damage than the vanilla version, but compensates with regenerating ammo. Be careful, however, as Grenade Man's Flash Bombs can be reflected back at him by anyone using Thunder Claw. His altfire tosses a spread of mini-grenades, each doing moderate damage. As Grenade Man takes damage, a secondary rage meter builds. When this meter is full, Grenade Man gains access to Crazy Destroyer. This attack tosses a group of bombs all around him, which explode after a few seconds and deal big damage to anyone around you when they do.

Aqua Man

Main: Water Balloon/Water Cannon

Alt: Water Geyser

Acquired Weapon: Water Balloon

Weakness: Copy Vision

Aqua Man has a variety of attacks designed to catch opponents unaware, and do big damage when they do. His Water Balloon is a straightforward toss of a sphere of water. While not as rapid as the copywep version, each individual Balloon does much more damage than the copywep variant.When his ammo meter is full, holding down mainfire charges up the Water Cannon. When it's charged and ready, unleashing the Water Cannon fires a beam of water that moves in a squared zig-zag. This can be tricky to hit with due to the large gaps in the zig-zag patters, and the fact that even slightly touching a surface or shield stops the beam dead. If it does hit, however, the Water Cannon does tremendous damage. If used properly, this attack can completely shut down an enemy's mobility. His alt causes him to leap into the air, causing a large geyser of water to sprout on the ground where you're aiming when he slams back down. After erupting outward for a moment, the geyser explodes into a flurry of Water Balloons that fall around where the geyser spawned. This attack requires a level of accuracy, but can take unsuspecting opponents by surprise, dealing big damage before they realize what happened.

Mega Man & Bass

Dynamo Man

Main: Lightning Rod

Alt: Lightning Bolt (chargeable)

Item: Recharge

Acquired Weapon: Lightning Bolt

Weakness: Copy Vision

Dynamo Man specializes in avoiding the notice of his enemies. If opponent's aren't paying attention to you, they'll deeply regret it. The strength in Dynamo Man lies in his alt. If not fully charged, it releases a group of electric orbs in random directions. But if it's fully charged, it unleashes a swarm of large, incredibly powerful lightning bolts around the area you're aiming, making Dynamo Man a rare area-of-effect sniper. One bolt will always spawn at the exact spot where you're pointing, while a flurry of more bolts will spawn at random spots around the initial bolt. Whole the attack is largely random in this regard, if multiple bolts manage to hit a target, that's the end of your opponent. The damage from one bolt alone is significant; landing several of them in simply unsurvivable. While charging, however, Dynamo Man is greatly slowed down, and the uncharged alt isn't very useful, so Dynamo Man needs a safe spot to charge his devastating Lightning Bolt. His mainfire shoots lightning rods of average damage that travel along the floor if they hit the ground. These don't do too much damage, and are quite inaccurate, emphasizing Dynamo's need to gain distance and avoid the focus of his enemies. Further exemplifying this is his item, which can completely refill his health as long as he isn't disturbed while recharging. If he's shot enough times, his recharge station will be destroyed, and he'll be left wide open.

Cold Man

Main: Ice Wall

Alt: Pinpoint Freeze

Item: Mokumokumo

Acquired Weapon: Ice Wall

Weakness: Lightning Bolt, Wave Burner

Cold Man has one primary method of attack, and two ways to inhibit an enemy's mobility in order to land it. His mainfire tosses an Ice Wall pillar that slides along the ground, bouncing off the walls twice before dissipating. The Ice Wall does a hefty amount of ripping damage, but can be destroyed if it takes enough damage. A properly aimed Ice Wall can hit an opponent twice for an even greater amount of damage. His alt summons a splash of freezing energy on the ground wherever you're aiming, which instantly freezes enemies in place, leaving them open for an Ice Wall assault. His item can summon a Mokumokumo minion, which will seek out nearby opponents, latching onto them and drastically slowing their movement. Cold man excels at inhibiting the enemy's movement, making his wildly bouncing, and highly damaging Ice Walls all the more dangerous.

Ground Man

Main: Spread Drill

Alt: Drills

Item: Ceiling Dig, Giant Drill

Acquired Weapon: Spread Drill

Weakness: Remote Mine

Possessing an offensive movepool suited for any situation, yet requiring a level of finesse to land properly, Ground Man rewards skilled players with some powerful results. His mainfire is the Spread Drill, working slightly differently than the copywep variant. His initial drill is larger, and falls slowly instead of moving straight forward. Pressing mainfire two more times splits the drills into two smaller drills each. The smaller drills will fly straight forward, and faster, but will do less damage. They do, however, cover a wider area, so deciding weather or not you want to split the drills for better coverage at the cost of damage is up to you. The initial drill hits quite hard, and its unique slow fall allows it to be launched from a higher surface, and strategically split to surprise opponents below you. His alt turns Ground Man into his drill tank form, spinning his drills in order to ram into enemies and grind them into powder. This causes Ground Man to move slightly faster, and deal continuous damage for as long as you hold down altfire. However, that's not all this attack can do! If you face downward, you can use this to drill into the floor, making an escape identical to Drill Man's dig! Unlike Drill Man, when Ground Man burrows he kicks up dirt above him, making his position visible to the enemy. With his item, Ground Man leaps up high and burrows into the ceiling. While he's there, pressing mainfire causes him to attack straight downward with an absolutely massive drill, dealing damage that's equally massive.

Pirate Man

Main: Remote Mine

Alt: Bubble (chargeable)

Acquired Weapon: Remote Mine

Weakness: Wave Burner

Pirate Man's playstyle is built around scoring big damage if you can catch and pin down your opponent. His mainfire is the Remote Mine, which works like Drill Man's bombs. The difference being they won't explode on contact with a surface, but will instead clamp down and stay there until you release mainfire. The Remote Mine's explosions work similar to Flash Bomb, dealing continuous damage during an extended explosion effect. The longer you can keep your opponent inside the explosion, the more damage they'll take, so setting this off at the right time is key. His alt is interesting; when you simply tap it, Pirate Man encases himself in a bubble and launches straight head, bouncing straight backward if he hits an obstacle, and back ahead if he collides with something again, and so on. This attack does continuous ripping damage to anyone it hits, and is best used in small areas where you'll be on top of opponents for longer, and bounce right back onto them after passing through them. This attack can also be charged, encasing Pirate Man in an armored bubble and slowing his movement while it is. if he's hit too many times while charging, the bubble will pop and he'll lose the charge. If fully charged, this attack will instead cause Pirate Man to bounce up and down in his bubble form, while moving forward. With this version, you can steer the bubble, allowing you to hug enemies as much as you can to maximize damage. The upward bouncing can lead to enemies getting away from you, however, so it's best to use in low-celing areas where you can stay on top of enemies as long as possible. Choosing which attack to use in which situation can mean the difference between grazing an opponent for light damage, and overwhelming an opponent for every ounce of their health.

Burner Man

Main 1: Wave Burner

Main 2: Burner Grenade

Alt: Forest Diver

Item: Foothold Traps

Acquired Weapon: Wave Burner

Weakness: Ice Wall

Burner Man possesses a wide arsenal of weapons and tools to handle just about any situation. His main two weapons serve polar opposite functions; one acts as a close range attack, the other attacks across longer distances. His Wave Burner is a close-range flamethrower that sprays flames in an osculating manner. These flames not only do continuous damage to opponents, but block any incoming projectiles, allowing it to function as a shield. However, the fact that the flames don't spray straight ahead requires you to be very close to opponents to get the most damage out of the attack, and it burns through ammo quickly. His other mainfire tosses grenades in an arc, which cover much more ground and deal splash damage to all targets near its explosion. While this covers more ground, and uses up much less ammo, it has a below-average rate of fire, requiring you to make each shot count. Switching weapons at the right time will maximize Burner Man's offensive potential, giving you an all-encompassing offense. But it doesn't end there! His alt begins with a leap, a somersault in the air, and a vicious dive that, upon contact with the ground, unleashes powerful waves of fire that deal severe damage to anyone near Burner Man when he lands. If that wasn't enough, his item causes him to leap up, and toss down several foothold traps that stun any opponent who steps on them, holding them in place for a significant amount of time. With his already vast arsenal of powerful attacks, and the ability to cripple his opponents' movement, Burner Man can be a force of nature in the right hands. But don't get too overconfident; his vast offensive potential is balanced by his weak armor, which ranks among the weakest in the game (on par with Roll and Quick Man). Make good use of all the tools at your disposal with Burner Man, because you're going to feel every mistake you make. 

Magic Man

Main: Magic Orb/Ball (chargeable)

Alt: Magic Card

Acquired Weapon: Magic Card

Weakness: Tengu Blade

Magic Man is, for lack of a better term, full of tricks. Each of his attacks has a unique property to trip up opponents and keep Magic Man in control. His mainfire is two attacks in one, each one possessing a unique property to put the opponent on the ropes. Uncharged, he fires a Magic Orb that travels at a moderate speed and deals decent damage. If the orb is attacked, it is destroyed, and drops two Rompers that march around aimlessly. If stepped on, the Rompers deal very little damage, but hold opponents in place for a significant amount of time. Firing multiple Magic Orbs at an opponent who is attacking you with a continuous, rapid fire attack, or tossing well-timed orbs to block enemy shots, can turn an opponent's offense into a field of Magic Man's Rompers. If his mainfire is charged all the way, Magic Man tosses a Magic Ball that shatters on impact, releasing 4 doves that fly out and seek out nearby opponents. The ball can be tossed into far away areas to allow the birds to attack far away opponents, even ones Magic Man can't see. For maximum damage, hitting an enemy with the ball itself allows the birds to then attack the victim, dealing exorbitant damage. His alt tosses a Magic Card, which has a limited range, but steals health from the enemy, healing as much of Magic Man's health as a small energy unit. Stealing health with cards while keeping up a relentless assault with Magic Man's projectiles and "minions" can make Magic Man a truly terrifying opponent. A skilled Magic Man player can dominate the battlefield, while keeping himself in tip-top shape at his opponents' expense. This makes him especially dangerous in Last Man Standing, as Magic Man can keep his health up while his mainfire tricks lock down opponents, and make him very difficult to escape from.


(Shield Mode)

Main: Shield Raise

Alt: King X

Item: Mode Change

(Axe Mode)

Main (ground): King Axe (chargeable)

Main (in air): King Axe Chop

Alt: King Laser

Item: Mode Change

King has two modes of play, one that emphasizes defense and one that emphasizes offense. His initial mode, Shield Mode, causes King to move slowly, but give shim stronger armor and a shield that blocks shots much like Proto and Knight Man. If the shield blocks a shot while raised, it fires a laser that deals ripping damage. His alt slows him down and lowers his shield, but fires a powerful X-shaped projectile. While this attack does a great deal of damage, it has its setbacks. The attack has a low rate of fire, and requires King to get in a stance before it can fire (signified by a ding). The projectile also curves to the left or right, so it's not very effective at a distance. That said, the attack deals a great deal of ripping damage, and if aimed properly, this can waste opponents. Switching to Axe Mode changes King completely. He runs very fast, and jumps high, but his armor becomes much weaker. Though he can't take much punishment in this mode, he can dish out quite a bit. His standing mainfire slashes opponents with his axe, dealing a good deal of damage. When charged, the mainfire causes King to spin his axe in front of him while dashing forward. The spinning axe blocks projectiles, while dealing continuous ripping damage. When used in the air, King will attack with a falling chop with the axe. While this means he can't attack with it in the air, the falling axe chop deals immense damage when King reaches the ground, crippling opponents if it hits dead on. As backup, King fires a ricocheting laser from his forehead as his alt. The laser does moderate damage, but allows King to inhibit enemy movement, and continue the assault on opponents keeping him at bay. Synergizing both of his modes gives you access to a wide variety of powerful methods of assault. Just be careful that King takes a moment to change modes, leaving him open to attack.

The Mega Man Killers


Main: Mirror Buster

Alt: Absorption Stance

Acquired Weapon: Mirror Buster

Weakness: Ballade Cracker

The incarnation of the risk-reward playstyle. Enker's Mirror Buster starts out as a small, weak shot with an average rate of fire. As he takes damage, however, his ammo meter fills up. For a moderate chunk of ammo, he will instead fire a large, very powerful ripping shot that can shave off health and clear crowds. Of course, getting power from taking damage would make for a short lifespan. That's where his alt comes in. Pressing altfire causes Enker to raise his Barrier Spear, absorbing any and all attacks that hit him, reducing their damage to a miniscule fraction of what they would normally be while greatly enhancing his ammo gain. Timing this right can save Enker from a powerful OHKO attack, allowing him to not only survive it, but come out with full ammo. Considering OHKO attacks generally leave the user open, and a charged Mirror Buster shot can take out most classes in 2-4 hits, this can greatly turn the tables on your opponents. Enker is not a class to play recklessly, since he needs to take damage to reach his full power, but playing him smart can cripple and decimate opponents.


Main: Sakugarne

Alt: Jackhammer

Acquired Weapon: Sakugarne

While not an actual Mega Man Killer, he fills their role in Mega Man II, so he's listed here. The Mega Man of the future is equipped with his signature Sakugarne, and nothing else. When Sakugarne is not active, Quint is helpless and vulnerable, possessing average mobility and unimpressive health. With Sakugarne active, however, he becomes a terrifying foe. Normally, Quint will bounce around on Sakugarne like a pogo stick, kicking up rocks and dealing crippling damage to anyone he lands on. Even grazing a bouncing Quint can put a hurt on your health bar. His alt causes him to stay staionary on the ground, jackhammering into the ground with the Sakugarne. This kicks up rocks that are tossed forward in groups of four, each rock doing decent damage. This is best used against highly mobile opponents who can easily dodge Quint's Sakugarne bouncing. Be mindful of Quint's ammo bar, which depletes as you ride Sakugarne, and depletes faster as you use his alt. When the ammo runs out, Quint loses the Sakugarne, and must wait for it to refill before he can ride it again.


Main: Screw Crusher

Alt: Punk Cannonball

Acquired Weapon: Screw Crusher

Weakness: Mirror Buster, Salt Water

Punk is the quintessential offensive powerhouse of Justified Classes. His defense and mobility options are nothing to write home about; with the exception of a high jump, his movement speed and health are all average. When it comes to offense, however, Punk is second to none. His mainfire is a solid tool, tossing a single Screw Crusher at above-average speed. This attack is good--but not great--in all its basic functions; good rate of fire, good projectile speed, good damage (about a 5 hit KO on most classes). It doesn't excel in other areas like some classes' projectiles, but it's an all-around solid attack that works great to put on the pressure and whittle away an opponent's health. He has low ammo consumption, and good ammo recovery on this as well, so while it can't be spammed, a smart player can overwhelm opponents with it. What truly strikes fear in the hearts of your opponents is Punk's alt; the devastating Punk Cannonball. The initial press of altfire causes Punk to transform into a spiked ball and bounce three times. Pressing altfire again causes him to rocket forward, traveling a great distance at high speed. If left alone, he'll rocket forward at the height of his third bounce. The damage this attack deals--particularly if you hit opponents up close during the bouncing portion--is obscene. The second portion of the attack can also catch fleeing foes, enemies corralled into hallways and other cramped spaces, and opponents backed against walls. Getting caught with the full force of the Punk Cannonball means certain death, placing it alongside Pillar Break and Top Spin as the most powerful attacks in the mod. Punk is also invincible during the duration of the move that he's in cannonball form, as well. However, there is a great deal of risk involved with the move, as well; once it's over, Punk is incredibly vulnerable as he uncurls from ball form, and in certain maps he can easily go flying over cliffs and into deathtraps. Also, the ammo for his alt will be completely used up after one use, and the ammo meter for this attack refills slowly, so you won't be able to use it again for some time. While Punk also isn't one to be played recklessly, good aim and timing will reward you with Punk's monstrous power.


Main: Ballade Cracker

Alt: Ballade Mine

Acquired Weapon: Ballade Cracker

Weakness: Screw Crusher

Of all the Mega Man Killers, Ballade is the most balanced overall. Above average in everything, but lacking the raw damage output and situational dominance of his brethren. His mainfire tosses a fast Ballade Cracker, which does good explosive damage. While it eats up ammo (and Ballade doesn't have the fast mainfire ammo recovery Punk has), this move otherwise dominates in a firefight; fast, strong, and hits with an explosion that makes it harder to avoid. His alt drops a mine variation of the Ballade Cracker that is set off over time, or when an opponent touches it. This can be used to make the battlefield more treacherous for opponents, hindering their mobility and allowing you to corral them as you please. Dropping the mine also causes Ballade to leap forward, giving him extra mobility as well. In addition to all this, Ballade is one of the select few classes who can pick up the Super Adaptor, allowing him access to his final form from Mega Man IV. When this form is activated, Ballade recovers some health, and receives an upgrade in everything; speed, health, damage, etc. While in this form, Ballade cannot recover health, so there is a sizable risk involved, but the power boost is tremendous. His Ballade Cracker gains a devastating damage output, and his mines will deal serious damage to anyone who steps on them (and survives). A Ballade who has activated his upgraded form should never be left alone. If he is, everyone else is likely to get picked off one after another.


Picking up the Evil Energy in Terminator Mode will change your class to one of the following boss classes. Which class you turn into is selected randomly. As a Terminator, your health and damage output is massive, able to OHKO most classes with just about every attack you do, requiring the entire room to gang up on you to kill you. If you're not taking damage, however, your health will still slowly drain, forcing you to score as many frags as possible and discouraging stalling. If you're fragged, the person who took you out will receive 10 frags, and the Evil Energy will drop from you for someone else to collect.

Boss Classes

Dr. Wily:

Main: Evil Energy (Plasma Barrage)

Alt: Evil Energy (Stun Blast/Flame Orbs/Giga Flame Pillars)


Main: Sunstar Phase Attack (chargeable)

Alt: Solar Flare

Item: Randomly Cycle Sunstar Phases

Mega Man Shadow:

Main: Dashing Slice

Alt: Super Gemini Laser

Item: Shin Sakugarne

Ra Thor:

Main: Energy Attack (chargeable)

Alt: Stun Blasts

Item: Energy Grapple

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