Ivory is a long time member down at the cutstuff forum, joining August 25, 2009. Originally being a supporter of CutmanMike's Ghouls vs Humans, ZPortal and other earlier projects. Also one of the earliest supporters of MM8BDM, despite not actually having the time to contribute to it.

Ivory has been around the Doom Community for a very a long time, athough rather quiet and is only active on Cutstuff. Ivory is known for being helpful, friendly and recently, a Global Moderator since November 11, 2010.

Being a Doom veteran, Ivory knows a fair bit of information about Doom mapping, coding and other related skills. Being the creator of three CTF maps and one DM map. Ivory is currently proclaimed by Brawlman9867 to be the second coolest on Cutstuff, right after Brotoad and before Brawlman himself. Ivory is currently both an administrator of the Custuff Forums and the lead developer of Team MM8BDM.

Maps Created by Ivory:

Official Maps (or fixed up) in MM8BDM:

MM1OIL - Oil Man

MM2QUI - Quick Man (slight stage changes + laser reprogramming)

MM2WOO - Wood Man (Notable changes)

MM3GEM - Gemini Man (revamped)

MM3MAG - Magnet Man (revamped)

MM5CHA - Charge Man (level extension)

MM6PLA - Plant Man (revamp)

MM7JUN - Junk Man

MM7DW4 - Skull Fortress 4 (revamp)

MM8TEN - Tengu Man 8

MM8DUO - Duo

MMBGRO - Ground Man

MMBAST - Astro Man B

Official Maps I have helped with:

MM3SHA - Shadow Man (part of layout)

MMBMAG - Magic Man (parts of the layout)

?????? - ? ??? (parts of the layout)

MMCTF08 - Edge of the Damned

MMCTF09 - Wood Man's Revenge

MMCTF10 - All out Assault

Custom Maps

See IX-Pack

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