HyperStormHMugshot Hyper Storm H
"No further, puny robot!"
Boss Health 2000
Originally From Mega Man: The Wily Wars
Available Weapons None
Available Items None

Hyper Storm H, the strongest member of the Genesis Unit, is now starring in Story Mode of the Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch as the 3rd boss of the tenth chapter! The only boss in the game to have two health bars, he uses his extremely powerful breath to push you away or to pull you closer. Not only that, his extreme physical strength allows him to create tremors just by jumping! Ramming you is also an option for him, as well as summoning Mettaurs. Finally, he has a plasma cannon inside his mouth.

But perhaps the most dangerous part about the fight is the arena. You are fighting on a small platform and the floor around it is covered by deadly spikes! Can you win in those conditions?

Outside of Story Mode, Hyper Storm H is also available as a player skin and bot.


Don't stop shooting. His attempts to pull you in can be easily evaded by running backwards - just be careful and release the button when you're about to fall. Don't forget to run away from the edges - this boss always tries pushing you off after trying to pull you in. Hyper Storm H uses his plasma cannon during those "pushes", so keep strafing in addition to running forward. After the attempt to push you off, he will jump at you 5 times in succession, each time creating a tremor and summoning two Mettaurs by landing. Jump over tremors, blast away the Mettaurs and try to lure him to the corner. Hyper Storm H follows those jumps by trying to ram you, so quickly run to the opposite corner. The second before he launches himself towards you, strafe along the edge of the platform. Repeat - he will try to ram you 3 times in succession. After his third attempt, Hyper Storm H will either try to pull you in or start jumping again.

When one health bar of his is drained, all of his moves will be enhanced - Hyper Storm H will now jump and summon 4 Mettaurs before pulling you in, his plasma cannon will fire much more rapidly during "pushes" and he will be jumping as well as readying to ram you more quickly.

Once his health is drained down to 1, he escapes.

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