GutsDozerBoss Guts-Dozer
"I'm gonna pound you into the ground, tin-twerp!"
Boss Health 2500
Originally From Mega Man 2
Available Weapons WepIconDWN012-Quick (V1-V4)
WepIconDWN039-NapalmWepIconFlameSword (V5)
Available Items ItemIcon-Item-1

The Guts-Dozer is a boss from Mega Man 2, built to resemble Guts Man. It was fought in Wily Stage 3.

After completing the Mega Man 2 section of Story Mode, the player fights the Guts-Dozer. His weak spot is the jewel on his forehead. The Mets he shoots out can drop Quick Boomerang or Item-1, as well as small energy and weapons capsules. The player can use Item-1 to get on top of him and hit him with Quick Boomerang. The Mega Buster will do very little damage, so the Quick Boomerang is highly recommended.

In Version 5, the Guts-Dozer is now fought outside of Wily Castle after a brief sequence where the player and Guts Man attempt to escape. Once outside, Guts Man will join the player in the ensuing fight. After the boss' HP has been depleted, Elec Man and Bomb Man arrive to help destroy the boss.


  • When Guts-Dozer appears in Version 5, the 8-bit rendition of the "DUN DUNNN!" sound from the famous "Gutsman's Ass" internet meme plays. The music code for this is "GUTSBUTT".
  • During the battle against the Guts-Dozer in Version 5, an 8-bit rendition of Guts Man's theme based on the Complete Works/The Power Battle/The Power Fighters arrangement plays. The music code for this is "GUTSBOSS".

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