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GutsDozerBoss Guts-Dozer
"I'm gonna pound you into the ground, tin-twerp!"
Boss Health 2500
Originally From Mega Man 2
Available Weapons WepIconDWN012-Quick
Available Items ItemIcon-Item-1

The Guts-Dozer is a boss from Mega Man 2, built to resemble Guts Man. It was fought in Wily Stage 3.

After completing the Mega Man 2 section of Story Mode, the player fights the Guts-Dozer. His weak spot is the jewel on his forehead. The Mets he shoots out can drop Quick Boomerang or Item-1, as well as small energy and weapons capsules. The player can use Item-1 to get on top of him and hit him with Quick Boomerang. The Mega Buster will do very little damage, so the Quick Boomerang is highly recommended.

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