Frostmugshot Frost Man
Jump, jump ! Slide, slide !
Map creator(s) Shade Guy
Map code MM8FRO
Music Mega Man 8 - Frost Man's Stage (8-Bit Cover)
Music Code FROMUS
Map size Small-Medium
Based on Mega Man 8
Available Weapons WepIconThunderClawWepIconDWN018-MagnetWepIconWaterBalloonWepIconMKN003-BalladeWepIconFlameSwordWepIconDLN005-IceWepIconIceWaveWepIconDWN043-Flame
Available Items WepIconSWN001-BassItemIcon-WTankItemIcon-PartyBall

Frost Man's Stage is a set of roadways suspended high in the air of a frozen metropolis. Although pits are everywhere, don't worry about ice physics! The slippery spots in this stage are confined to a few depressions in the indoor areas. Instead, players should be more worried about falling when utilizing the map's special gimmick: snowboards!. Set up in lines in front of yawning pits, touching one will send you careening forward at extreme speeds! Use this boost to get over the gap and claim a great weapon! To "help" you cross, a floating sign will faithfully sound "Jump, jump!" The maneuver is very dangerous, but it is thankfully not required to navigate the entire map.


Frost Man's Stage consists of two indoor areas connected by exterior streets and the snowboard slalom sections. The area to the northeast holds Ice Slasher and Bass Buster in frozen depressions and Magnet Missile and a W-Tank in a pit in the middle. A path to the east leads to snowboards and Ballade Cracker while a similar snowboard section to the east allows you to grab the Flame Sword. Both snowboard sections exit at the other indoor area to the southwest, which contains another Ice Slasher.

Roadway paths suspended over a huge pit also connect the two main areas. A long one close to the Ballade Cracker tunnel supports Flame Blast, while the one above and northwest of it has Water Balloon, a Party Ball and Ice Wave. It can be accessed directly from the Bass Buster room or by a side path with Thunder Claw.


The Flame Sword and Ballade Cracker are both awesome weapons for this map that allow you to finish off enemies in seconds up close or at a distance. Learn the snowboard timing as soon as possible, but be wary of lag when playing online! Both these weapons as well as Thunder Claw and Flame Blast are excellent at finishing off foes in the slippery depression found throughout the stage. Try to get opponents to back up in to them and avoid them yourselves!

Finally, it is possible to reach the Flame Sword and Ballade Cracker areas without the snowboards. If you find yourself with Oil Slider in LMS mode, you can make the gap if you preform the "double jump" technique. If you do this, the signs will amusingly still play the "jump, jump!" sound clip.

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