WepIconDuoFist Duo Fist Duosprite
Weapon code DuoFist
Comes from Mega Man 8
Weapon color scheme Dark gray on dark orange
Fire rate Slow
Missile speed Slow-Medium
Capacity Infinite
Weapon hotkey/type [1] Buster
Damage 25 (Weak punch)

35 (Mid-charged punch)
70 (Giga fist)

Appears in
these maps

The Duo Fist upgrade is not a buster, but a punch-based upgrade introduced in MM8BDM V3, accompanying the two other buster upgrades Arrow Buster and Laser Buster. The Duo Fist allows you to use an extremely powerful fist with three power levels. The uncharged level extends a moderately sized fist on a chain to hit foes at mid range. Unlike the chain of Thunder Claw, only the fist will deal damage, but it can hit on its return to its user as well as going forward. A half-charged shot hurls the fist forward in a halo of energy at a slow speed. The fully charged shot fires in an huge energy blast shaped like a fist that's bigger than a player character! This giga fist travels much faster than the mid-charged shot and deals twice the damage!


Using Duo Fist

Because of its huge size and speed, the fully charged Duo Fist is best used in wide open areas. Predict your opponent's movements and time your shot in order to not waste it. If you score a direct hit, finish off your foe with the relatively powerful uncharged punches. Try not to use this weapon in tight spaces or next to obstacles that the giga fist can run into and dissipate. In these situations, it's best to use mid or uncharged shots.

Vs. Duo Fist

Treat anyone with a charged Duo Fist like you would someone with Atomic Fire fully charged. Stay back, don't give your foe an opportunity for a shot, and fire back with an indiscriminate weapon like Needle Cannon. Try to take shelter behind obstacles where the giga fist can't fit. Be ready if your enemy begins using the uncharged punches though!


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