Duomugshot Duo
Maybe the beach isn't that relaxing...
Map creator(s) Ivory
Map code MM8DUO
Music Mega Man 8 - Intro Stage (8-bit Cover)
Music Code MM8INT
Map size Medium
Based on Mega Man 8
Available Weapons WepIconDWN034-WaveWepIconWaterBalloonWepIconMKN003-BalladeWepIconDWN027-DrillWepIconMKN002-PunkWepIconDWN022-SnakeWepIconTimeSlowWepIconDLN003-CutWepIconDWN030-DustWepIconDWN051-DangerWrapWepIconHomingSniperWepIconDWN040-CrystalWepIconMegaBallWepIconDLN008-Elec
Available Items WepIconDuoFistItemIcon-ExitUnitItemIconWireAdaptor

Duo's Stage, in the campaign mode, is an intermediate level, the last before entering Wily's Skull Tower. It is actually based on two stages: the introductory stage and Duo's stage of Mega Man 8. The Dodonpa Cannon, an enemy ancountered in both stages, acts as a stage decoration here, including the tropical themed Aloha Dodonpa Cannon on the outside beach area. As another reference to the intro stage, the scrapped wreck of the Mecha Dragon from Mega Man 2 can be seen on a ledge on the beach area as well. Finally, at the extreme east end of the stage, Skull Tower Base can be seen through an opening in the wall, alluding to Duo's Stage's location in Mega Man 8


Duo's Stage is divided into inside and outside areas. The center of the interior contains weapons that requires or that may use walls and heights, like the Search Snake or the Mega Ball, as well as the Water Balloon. Lining the pathway around these central areas, Crystal Eye and Rolling Cutter are found, although you'll need the Wire Adaptor or the Mega Ball to grab the latter. Dust Crusher, Wire Adaptor and Danger Wrap are on the way between them at the map's east end.

Time Slow overlooks the central rooms from its high throne near the Search Snake, but even the Mega Ball is actually enough powerful to propel you to it. The Duo Fist is just situated in a higher platform near the Rolling Cutter. An inside balcony near the Dust Crusher features Drill Bomb and overlooks the main area, whereas one near the Mega Ball has a plain view of the outside, and presents Screw Crusher.

The outside features more long range weapons: the Thunder Beam, the Homing Sniper and the Water Wave and an Exit Unit are all found there. Ballade Cracker also sits on a high rock; you'll need a boost to get there.


Mega Ball is actually a useful travelling weapon in this area. The higher jump it provides can be used in many situations : get some strong weapons, catch someone who's shooting from a balcony by surprise, or just travelling faster through the stage... this may save your Wire Adaptors. Once on a high ledge, take out the crowds in the stage's center with aimed Drill Bombs or Ballade Crackers. Search Snake and Screw Crusher may also be useful, if harder to aim.

Alternatively, just cruise the exterior paths of the stage and surprise foes with powerful Dust Crusher and Crystal Eye first strikes. Water Wave and Danger Wrap can also overwhelm them quite easily in the tight confines.


Duo's Yashichi hibernates in a small hole between the rocks, over the balcony that has Screw Crusher behind the left Dodonpa Cannon.


V3A to V3B

Added Aloha Dodonpa Cannons to the map's outside areas.

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