Duomugshot Duo
Unknown (SP) 8-1
Evil energy... I must stop it ! Get out of my way !
Boss Health 1500
Originally From Mega Man 8
Available Weapons None
Available Items WepIconArrowBuster
This article is about the boss fought in Story Mode. For the deathmatch map of the same name, see Duo (Map).

Duo is a boss fought in Mega Man 8, appearing after Mega Man defeats the first set of Robot Masters in that game.

In Story Mode, Duo first appears during the intermission between Chapters 7 and 8 when he crashes outside of Dr. Light's Lab. After completing the first eight stages, the player is treated to a cutscene of Mega Man being attacked by Duo. After completing the next stage the player will have to fight this powerful robot, but an Arrow Buster Upgrade is there to help them, in a similar way to the Proto Buster Upgrade while the fight with Dark Man. He has three different attacks, among them two based on his Duo Fist. He may heavily bounce around like a comet in the entire room (or like Armored Armadillo). He can also throw three mid-punches toward you, or tackle toward you, crushing his fist to the ground, creating a massive shockwave that may even OHKO if you don't jump on time over the shockwave.

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