Drillmugshot Drill Man
Boom! Bang! Kablooey!
Map creator(s) CutmanMike
Map code MM4DRI
Music Mega Man 4 - Drill Man Stage
Music Code DRIMUS
Map size Small
Based on Mega Man 4
Available Weapons WepIconDWN027-DrillWepIconFlashBombWepIconDWN039-NapalmWepIconDWN013-CrashWepIconDLN004-GutsWepIconDWN035-StoneWepIconHomingSniper
Available Items ItemIconBeatSupport

Drill Man's stage is a small cavity deep in an underground mine. On the exterior portions of the stage, it appears you can fall but there is an invisible wall around the entire stage preventing just that. This stage is most known for its collection of powerful explosive weaponry. Every explosive weapon except for the Hyper Bomb, Danger Wrap and Ballade Cracker is found here. Most of the other weapons here are earth-themed and kill in just one or two hits. High frag limits are recommended!

In Story Mode, the player has a chance of battling Punk upon completing the stage. You will only be transported to his room in the map Unknown with a victory under five minutes though!


A map of Drillman's stage


Drill Man's Stage is laid out in a series of four interconnected rooms in a small grid surrounded by a cliff face on two sides. The room in the southwestern corner contains Power Stone in a wide pit and a Beat Assist in the corner. The adjacent rooms to the right and left hold Flash Bomb and Napalm Bomb respectively. Crash Bomber and a teleporter are found in the northeastern chamber between these two rooms.

This teleporter leads to the middle of the outside cliff besides the Drill Bomb. Super Arm and the Flash Bomb room are to the south and Homing Sniper and the Napalm Bomb area in the other direction.


Drillman's Yashichi is in one of the vents in the ceiling of the Power Stone room


Although it seems like this map is designed for you to rush into battle throwing bombs randomly, especially in older versions, that's actually a good strategy to get you killed quickly. Instead, it's better to use the non-explosive Super Arm and Homing Sniper to attack crowds from a distance, especially in the exterior area. Only break out the bombs or Power Stone if someone or several someones are getting too close for comfort.

It's also a wise idea to stay away from the teleporter. Since it's a two-way pair, telefrags are almost as they are on Shadow Man's Stage. Even if nobody notices you enter, an opponent is likely to get a free shot on you as you exit.


V1 to V2

Danger Wrap replaced Crash Bomb near the indoor teleporter. Super Arm was moved from the southwestern chamber to replace two Hyper Bombs on the exits of the cliff area. Power Stone was then added to fill that room.

V2 to V3

Put Crash Bomb back in the teleporter room. Added Homing Sniper and Flash Bomb to vary the weapon selection. Beat Assist placed in the Power Stone room. Removed the Tango Roll.