Wily6mugshot Dark Man 4
Dark Man 1, 2, and 3 were nothing compared to this!
Boss Health 800
Originally From Mega Man 5
Available Weapons None
Available Items WepIconDLN000-Proto

In Mega Man 5, Dark Man impersonated Proto Man and attacked the city. At the top of Dark Man Castle, "Proto Man" appeared and attacked Mega Man. The real Proto Man showed up and revealed that the fake was actually Dark Man 4!

Dark Man appears in Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch as the boss of Story Mode Chapter 5. He will attack by using a rotating shield to protect himself, while shooting smaller shots at the player, then firing off the shield and jumping. The player should grab the conveniently-placed Proto Upgrade and fight back. The player should charge it, and time their shot correctly to damage him, keeping the shield up when he fires off his barrage of shots. While it is possible to beat him with the Mega Buster, it is very difficult.

In version 5, Dark Man initially appears in the guise of Proto Man before dropping the facade altogether due to the fact that the player is not Mega Man. The disguise takes the form of the Proto Upgrade mentioned earlier. Once half of his HP has been depleted, he summons the other three Dark Man Numbers to kill the player. Right before Dark Man 4 can land the killing blow, he is stopped by the real Proto Man who replenishes the player's health before joining the fight against the four evil impostors.


  • All four Dark Men use the exact same attack patterns they did in Mega Man 5, making them one of several bosses to have their attack patterns copy-pasted from their game of origin. The others are Enker, Punk, Ballade, Buster Rod G, Hyper Storm H, Mega Water S, the Yellow Devil('s first phase) and the Wily Capsule.
  • Even if the player has "Mega Man" as his/her name and chose Mega Man as his/her skin, Dark Man will still say that the player's not Mega Man.

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