The Cutstuff Community Map Pack (CSCM) is a map pack dedicated to making a compilation of the best user-created maps. It is divided into 2 major sections; the "Remix Pack" is devoted to remakes of previously created Mega Man-themed maps, while the "Community Pack" really has no underlying them. The current version is v5b.


These maps are original creations that do not come from any Mega Man game.

Wily's Kourtyard

Wily's Kourtyard
Map creator(s) Messatsu
Map code CSCM01
Music {{{Tune}}}
Music Code {{{TuneCode}}}
Map size Medium
Available Weapons Unknown
Available Items Unknown

The Yashichi is hidden beneith the structure under the main floor.

Wily's Other Kastle

Bass's Training Grounds

Wily's Kottage

Strange Castle

Frost Processing

Fireball Deathmatch

Knight In The Castle

Olive Steakhouse

Snowed In Cossack

Castle Crashers

Shrine Battle

Scarlet Devil Mansion

Scarlet Devil Mansion
Map creator(s) Flanny
Map code CSCM13
Music {{{Tune}}}
Music Code {{{TuneCode}}}
Map size Large
Based on Touhou
Available Weapons Unknown
Available Items Unknown

Scarlet Devil Mansion is a map taken from the Touhou series. It has become infamous in the community, mainly breaking the rule of using non 255 lighting throughout the interior of the mansion.


The Yashichi is seen at the back corner of the mansion.

Chaotischer Garten

MMM! - Dog Man


Buster Rod G.

Flame Processing

Her Man

Sea Base Alpha

Outback Garden

Crystal Mines

KC Fortress

Seaside Fortress

The King's Dimension

Flooded Relic Zone

Inner Core

Starlit Playground

Twin Castle

Gold Man

Skyscraper Grief

Skyscraper Grief
Map creator(s) Roll G. Holds/Nemu Kurotsuchi
Map code CSCM31
Music {{{Tune}}}
Music Code {{{TuneCode}}}
Map size Large
Available Weapons Unknown
Available Items Unknown

Skyscraper Grief is a custom map based on rooftops. The map includes gyro pads to get around the roofs. It has a building that can be entered from the window letting the player to explore the inside of it.


The Yashichi is seen behind the antenna.

Green Hill Zone

Graveyard Smash

Remixed Robot Master Maps

These maps are expanded and larger versions of the Robot Master stages, featuring remixed stage music as well. Some of these maps employ new gameplay gimmicks not present in the original vanilla maps.

Bomb Man Remixed

Cut Man Remixed

Elec Man Remixed

Fire Man Remixed

Ice Man Remixed

Wily's Hideout 1 Remixed

Wily's Hideout 2 Remixed

Air Man Remixed

Bubble Man Remixed

Flash Man Remixed

Metal Man Remixed

Quick Man Remixed

Wood Man Remixed

Skull Castle Exterior Remixed

Skull Castle Interior Remixed

Skull Castle Interior Remixed
The middle floor.
Map creator(s) Beed28
Map code MM2DW2X
Music {{{Tune}}}
Music Code {{{TuneCode}}}
Map size Large
Based on Mega Man 2
Available Weapons WepIconDWN009-MetalWepIconDWN010-AirWepIconDWN011-BubbleWepIconDWN012-QuickWepIconDWN013-CrashWepIconDWN015-HeatWepIconDWN016-WoodWepIconDWN032-SkullWepIconDWN049-FreezeWepIconDWN051-DangerWrapWepIconMKN001-EnkerWepIconMKN002-PunkWepIconMKN003-Ballade
Available Items ItemIcon-ETankItemIcon-WTankItemIcon-MTankWepIconSWN001-BassItemIcon-TrebleSentryItemIcon-ExitUnit

Skull Castle Interior Remixed is a map based on Wily Stages 2, 3 and 4 from Mega Man 2. It is notably the only remixed map that did not remake a vanilla map from Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch. The remixed song for the map was composed by GenoWhirled, although the original 8-bit version can be heard by typing "changemus 2DW2MUS" into the console.

The map is split between three floors, like MM5CRY, and uses a complex sector portal trick to create seamless connections between these floors, but due to a side-effect, it's possible to telefrag players with the right timing. MM1DW2X would later use this same portal effect to connect the upper and lower areas.

The Guts-Dozer makes an easter egg cameo, seen if a player jumps into a Dr. Wily sign on the bottom floor, and then enters the teleporter near the Treble Sentry. It cannot be fought, and just when it's about to run over the player, he teleports to the teleporter's normal destination.


The bottom floor.


The top floor.


The Yashichi is hidden in the ceiling near the Treble Sentry.

Gemini Man Remixed

Hard Man Remixed

Needle Man Remixed

Shadow Man Remixed

Snake Man Remixed

Spark Man Remixed

Bright Man Remixed

Dive Man Remixed

Drill Man Remixed

Ring Man Remixed

Skull Man Remixed

Dr. Cossacks Citadel Remixed

Charge Man Remixed

Crystal Man Remixed

Dark Man's Castle Remixed

Napalm Man Remixed

Stone Man Remixed

Centaur Man Remixed

Flame Man Remixed

Knight Man Remixed

Tomahawk Man Remixed

Cloud Man Remixed

Freeze Man Remixed

Slash Man Remixed

Spring Man Remixed

Spring Man Remixed
Map creator(s) Kapus
Map code MM7SPRX
Music {{{Tune}}}
Music Code {{{TuneCode}}}
Map size Medium
Based on Mega Man 7
Available Weapons WepIconDLN008-ElecWepIconDWN010-AirWepIconDWN011-BubbleWepIconDWN017-NeedleWepIconDWN018-MagnetWepIconDWN019-GeminiWepIconDWN024-ShadowWepIconDWN025-BrightWepIconDWN036-GyroWepIconDWN038-ChargeWepIconDWN053-WildCoilWepIconNoN000-Quint
Available Items ItemIcon-ETankItemIcon-WTankItemIcon-TangoRollWepIconDLN000-Proto

Spring Man remixed is a remake of Spring Man's stage. The remixed theme in this map is the original 16-bit version.

In addition to springs on the floor, this map also features springs on the walls, and in one room, on the ceiling.


The Yashichi is seen outside the window.

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