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Cutmugshot Cut Man
Let the tournament begin!
Map creator(s) CutmanMike
Map code MM1CUT
Music Mega Man - Cut Man Stage
Music Code CUTMUS
Map size Small
Based on Mega Man
Available Weapons WepIconDLN003-CutWepIconDWN015-HeatWepIconDWN017-NeedleWepIconDWN019-GeminiWepIconDWN039-NapalmWepIconDWN010-AirWepIconDLN005-Ice
Available Items None

Cut Man's Stage is the first level encountered in MM8BDM, and as such is one of the smallest, simplest and easiest to complete. It takes places in a unique setting that has been described as everything from an abandoned sawmill to a prison. It is known for its narrow corridors and low ceilings. This, combined with its small area, makes matches here very fast and frantic. Although the stage proper has no hazards, outcrops with spikes and a Big Eye stomping about can be seen outside the barred windows of its perimeter. Cut Man is the only stage to not receive any major changes since the original MM8BDM SGC Demo version.


Cut Man's Stage consists of an outer hallway surrounding an central area, both square shaped. They are connected by wide openings in the center of the sides of the middle plaza. Needle Cannon and Gemini Laser can be found at the corners of this outer walkway, while you can grab Atomic Fire on a raised platform surrounded by four pillars in the exact center of the map. While in the central area, you will notice four large boxes you may recognize as Super Cutter Launchers from Cut Man's original stage occupying the corners. These can be accessed by ladders near each corner of the stage's perimeter to obtain Ice Slasher, Napalm Bomb, Rolling Cutter and Air Shooter. The stage's only obstacles are brick cubes scattered throughout the map's center topped with large weapon and health pickups.

A map of Cutman's stage
MrX8991Added by MrX8991


It's easy to score frags on Cut Man's stage simply by spamming most of the stage's weapons down the outer corridors. Gemini Laser is especially effective at creating chaos while Napalm Bomb and Air Shooter can be used to ambush players rounding corners. Because players tend to bunch up, especially in larger games, the piercing quality of Ice Slasher and Rolling Cutter will make them your best bet. If you need a reprieve from the action at any time, you can retreat to the central plaza where traffic is usually less.

Cutman's Yashichi is on one of the corners of the tower (cheats used to obtain a better screenshot)
MrX8991Added by MrX8991

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