Cloudmugshot Cloud Man
Watch your step!
Map creator(s) Killer Chair
Map code MM7CLO
Music Mega Man 7 - Cloud Man Stage (8-bit cover)
Music Code CLOMUS
Map size Medium
Based on Mega Man 7
Available Weapons WepIconDWN009-MetalWepIconDWN035-StoneWepIconDLN008-ElecWepIconDWN029-RingWepIconDWN046-TomahawkWepIconDWN050-JunkShieldWepIconDWN052-ThunderBoltWepIconDWN048-YamatoWepIconThunderClawWepIconDWN049-Freeze
Available Items ItemIcon-ExitUnitWepIconDLN001-SuperAdaptorItemIcon-WTankItemIcon-MTank

Cloud Man's Stage is yet another arena flung high into the sky. Pits are abound everywhere, made worse by the fact that many of the platforms used to cross them are mostly transparent! There are still plenty of more solid areas though with some great electrical-themed weapons lying in the solid areas in between though.

The other gimmick that makes Cloud Man's stage stand out among high-flying is the Tel Tel weather doll robots that float over certain pits. Like the first one encountered in Cloud Man's Mega Man 7 stage, they will flip over and fall when shot with any weapon. The clear sky will then turn rainy, and winds will blow around players outside areas where there are solid platforms. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible to get many weapons! Just shoot another one to get the weather back to normal.


The largest area of Cloud Man's Stage is to the south. Thunder Bolt is found in the open next to the central pillar here while Yamato Spear is hidden on a transparent platform to the southwest. To the south, Junk Shield and Exit Unit are tucked away in a solid structure while platforms to the north support the Metal Blade and Power Stone. Finally, an M-Tank rests on a floating fan block far from solid ground.

To the west of the main area, a transparent platform curves around the Thunder Beam before ending in a large room with Freeze Cracker. Additional platforms connect to a smaller room with Ring Boomerang, which also accessible from Power Stone's location. Another curved transparent platform then snakes around Silver Tomahawk before ending in a room with Thunder Claw. The stage's final Items, a W-Tank and the Super Adaptor, are on floating fan blocks next to a series of pillars that connects back to the main area.

Screenshot Doom 20130514 194135

Cloudman's Yashichi is found directly behind the building housing the Junk Shield and Exit Unit power-ups.


Usually, the only place with any room to fight in Cloud Man's Stage is the central area. Don't head there in crowded games though unless you have the Yamato Spear or Power Stone to mop up mobs. Stick to the outer ring of platforms and tackle individual opponents with a mix of Silver Tomahawk and Ring Boomerang at long and mid-range respectively.

Don't bother with the Tel Tels unless you have the Super Adaptor to ease navigation. Of course, it's almost impossible to get it when your enemies are keeping the storm up! Finally, don't bother with Junk Shield. Like in Junk Man's Stage, there are just too many electrical weapons!


V2 to V3

Remapped entire stage, gimmicks kept the same.

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