Bombmugshot Bomb Man
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Power your way to victory!
Map creator(s) CutmanMike
Map code MM1BOM
Music Mega Man - Bomb Man Stage
Music Code BOMMUS
Map size Small-Medium
Based on Mega Man
Available Weapons WepIconDLN006-BombWepIconHomingSniperWepIconDWN024-ShadowWepIconDLN008-ElecWepIconDWN020-Hard
Available Items ItemIcon-BeatCall

Bomb Man's Stage is set high in the sky of a futuristic city. It is a simple and wide open map, especially from high spaces, yet is partitioned in such a way that the action is often cramped and constricted. The main danger here is backing up into a bottomless pit! Power weapons are the name of the game on this map, so be prepared to dish and take some hard hits.


Bomb Man's stage is a symmetrical diamond with sides connected by four hallways converging in the center surrounded by a bottomless pit.  Beat Calls can be found near the west and east edges of the map. In front of these are pyramid-like structures with Homing Sniper on top of them. The north and south corners house Shadow Blade on a platform surrounded by several pillars.   In the center of the stage sits a Hard Knuckle. Thunder Beam is found at the east and west entrances to the center while Hyper Bomb is to the north and south.


A map of Bombman's stage


Most of the few weapons on Bomb Man's stage are power weapons, the easily available Hard Knuckle in particular, meaning you'll get nowhere randomly spamming them. Instead, you'll have to time your shots to hit foes. Try to take advantage of the bottlenecks between corners of the diamond and the narrow hallway leading to the Hard Knuckle to do this. If someone makes it into a wide open area with you though, slice them with Shadow Blade or drop some Hyper Bombs to scare them off. Finally, be careful not to back up straight into the yawning pits around the walkways in front of the pyramids!


Bombman's Yashichi is located on the roof near the center of the stage


V2 to V3

The Magnet Missiles on top of the Pyramids were replaced with Homing Snipers.