Blade Man
Map creator(s) Mr. X
Based on Mega Man 10
Available Weapons Unknown
Available Items Unknown

Mr. X's version of Blade Man's stage from Mega Man 10. It is currently in v2. Blade Man was both Mr. X's first stage he ever made and the first custom map ever released for MM8BDM, dating back to the SGC Demo. V1 was roughly %60 of the size of V2 featuring very little of the outside portion it has now. Its weapons are mostly knight or warrior based.

An interesting fact is that the two sides of the castle are rather similar though not completely symmetrical. This was because the map was originally intended to be retrofitted to have CTF since Mr. X was under the assumption that CTF matches would be played on regular deathmatch courses like in Call of Duty and similar games. The latest version can be found via the X Pack.

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