Ballademugshot Ballade
"I don't need this tournament to prove I am number one..."
Boss Health 1000
Originally From Mega Man IV
Available Weapons WepIconDWN010-AirWepIconDWN013-Crash
Available Items None

Ballade is the third and final Robot Master in the "Mega Man Killer" series of robots. He uses an explosive weapon called the Ballade Cracker, which simply flies straight forward and explodes. It has decent speed and damage, plus a nice splash range, making it a formidable weapon. Ballade can also drop mines. He first appeared in Mega Man IV, then again in Mega Man 10 alongside Enker and Punk as DLC bosses.

In Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch

In the sixth Story Mode chapter, if the player completes Knight Man's stage in under five minutes, Ballade will appear, much like Enker and Punk before him. To attack, Ballade will use a combination of jumping and dropping mines, throwing Ballade Crackers, and charging at the player. In addition to the Mega Buster, the player also has the Air Shooter and Crash Bomber nearby to assist. Once Ballade is defeated, the Ballade Cracker is theirs for the rest of Chapter 6 (they'll want it for something in particular...).

Again, the player only has one chance to defeat him. Should they lose, they'll procceed normally through the rest of the chapter without the Ballade Cracker.

Outside of Story Mode, Ballade is also avaliable as a player skin and bot.

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