Aquamugshot Aqua Man
Come on in, the water's fine!
Map creator(s) Kapus, Lakister
Map code MM8AQU
Music Mega Man 8 - Aqua Man Stage (8-bit cover)
Music Code AQUMUS
Map size Small-Medium
Based on Mega Man 8
Available Weapons WepIconDWN024-ShadowWepIconIceWaveWepIconDWN026-ToadWepIconDWN031-DiveWepIconDWN010-AirWepIconWaterBalloonWepIconDWN028-PharaohWepIconDWN052-ThunderBoltWepIconTornadoHold
Available Items ItemIcon-WTankItemIcon-ETankItemIcon-PartyBallItemIcon-Eddie

Map of MM8AQU

Aqua Man's Stage is a water-themed level with both submerged and dry portions. You're still likely to get your feet wet even out of the water thanks to weak currents from the map's many waterfalls. The shallow water level here also has the effect of somewhat obscuring your vision. Try to stick to the level's higher portions if you want a clean match out of this stage!


The land portion of Aqua Man's Stage is to the northwest, consisting of flooded ledges with Dive Missile, Thunder Bolt and Shadow Blade surrounding a tall pillar holding an Eddie Call. A W-Tank is found in the cave to the south which supports Rain Flush on a high ledge above its entrance. Ledges further to the east have Air Shooter and Ice Wave. Don't forget about the E-Tank in the high alcove behind the eastern waterfall!

The other half of Aqua Man's Stage is the waterlogged southeast. A pillar with a Party Ball above it pokes out of this area near the Eddie Call. Below the surface further southeast lies the Water Balloon and Tornado Hold though. The latter is the only way to reach a southern ledge with Pharaoh Shot and climb back onto dry land easily. Otherwise, you'll have to climb some rocks to emerge near the W-Tank.



The Yashichi is hidden outside behind the cliff next to the small waterfall.

The Water Balloon is the focal point of fighting in Aqua Man's stage. In crowded matches, it can often be enough to simply spam the area with Ice Wave and Tornado Hold to get frags. In smaller matches though, it's best to get down in there, but to stay to the side. Shoot at distracted targets with the Thunder Bolt and Pharaoh Shot, but be wary of an Air Shooter or Shadow Blade retaliation! keep these weapons yourself for defense or quickly escape with Tornado Hold!


V3A to V3B

Replaced Mirror Buster with Rain Flush. The water is now transparent.

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